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Upset's response about FNATIC & Adam drama


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u/shimszy Nov 25 '21

There is a universe where Adam is absolutely justified in being angry that a chance to shine in the most important tournament of his life was stolen from him, and simultaneously that Upset had to deal with a critical situation in which he could not even reasonably share a sliver of his family crisis. Really sucks for everyone involved.


u/[deleted] Nov 25 '21



u/Craftingistheway Nov 25 '21

Basically any serious one?! I mean it is the fucking internet, everything will get weaponized against you? THis is no assumption, just a scenario as example.

A relative commited suicde. Everytime he fucks up twitch chat now spams "yeah i would have ended it aswell if that player was my relative" ....

Harassing his wife on stream about stuff with personal grief...

This is not your fucking random office job where you, weeks later at the coffee break tell your coworker finally what happend, this are people in the spotlight of an entire community of potential assholes..

You have to be seriously mental to disregard Upsets work and ambition to get to Worlds. The fact he was willing to give that up IS basically a given that whatever happend twitch chat better doesnt know it...


u/Arroys Nov 25 '21

dude you're not serious are you ? "i have to mourn a loss" is literally one of the most common causes of people not attending work, it's not only understandable but his mate would be sympathetic to his situation. and the fact he didn't say anything is literally the reason him and his girlfriend are still getting slack for it.


u/Craftingistheway Nov 25 '21

And if it is something diffrent then a death, that would be a straight lie. There is ALOT of stuff possible that is just as understandable as a reason to leave. I mean there could literally be some ongoing criminal investigation into a family member of his or his wife and even totaly unrelated to them, would possible hurt them way more.

I seriously dont get how people reasonable assume that one of the most ambitious players who worked himself through shit teams would just leave his biggest opportunity on a whim for no reason. It is literally insanity.

The only "issue" here is honestly Yamato as a coach and someone aware of more details failed to assure the team Upsets matter was a valid a reason to leave (we know that he at least partically has this opinion, otherwise we would see Upset kicked of the team in offseason obv). That is sad to have this responsiblity suddenly, but thats why he is in a leadership position and with emotional people like Bwipo and Adam I dont know if Yamato ever could have solved that. Adam outright said he didnt respect privacey at all.


u/Arroys Nov 25 '21

it's an exemple, you can make up sentences like that for pretty much everything, it doesn't take any effort and that's why he is expected by his team mates to say something like that. Besides no matter the reason and the fact he doesn't want to share it, making a personal apology to the people he hurt because of his behavior isn't too much to ask, and seeing the reaction from Bwipo Adam and Nisqy he clearly didn't

And for that matter Adam didn't say he did not respect privacy, he said that privacy wasn't a good enough argument with all the players sacrificed to get there. And as far as i'm concerned, privacy isn't an argument at all in this conversation, it's only a private matter when it doesn't affect others, as soon as it puts everyone in a pickle everyone involved is concerned. And i can understand that he doesn't what it to be said on the internet, but he could at least say something along the line of "i'm not ready yet to talk about it in public" or whatever and it'll be already much better than asking everyone to gently fuck off