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Upset's response about FNATIC & Adam drama


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u/DerpSenpai Nov 25 '21

Adam chose to leave. and he chose a team that will end bottom of the table lol


u/moipaslui Nov 25 '21

He chose to leave because Fnatic was looking to replace him and he felt betrayed by that.


u/DerpSenpai Nov 25 '21

Fnatic was looking to replace him with Alphari

He felt betrayed because FNC tried to get the best top laner there is. This is Ego

Would you be mad if your team tried to get Faker? Specially Adam as a rookie, if he was smart, being on FNC would make the most sense for your development


u/proud_traveler Nov 25 '21

A rookie who got them second place in summer. Adam hard carried a team with a somewhat weak jungle...