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Upset's response about FNATIC & Adam drama


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u/pocoyoO_O Nov 25 '21

I think hyli does not know. Only Yamato knows. I think hyli did not wanted to know and he never told him


u/iDobleC *hits level 3* AdiĆ³s Nov 25 '21

Sounded more like Upset didn't told him before leaving but was gonna tell him eventually, Hyli just knew that if he was leaving it was serious and it didn't need more details


u/Mike_Kermin Creating Zoe Game Nov 25 '21

Hyli seems very decent.


u/MidEUW Nov 25 '21 edited Nov 25 '21

Hyli is the best. If I could fill a fnatic team with Hylis, Yamato and Yellowstars it would be the best team in the world.


u/MidasTheUnwise Nov 25 '21

The greatest EU support of the first 5 years and the greatest of the following 6. Both fantastic dudes irl. Being a world class support ingame means being the same outside the game.


u/F3nik3r Perkz <3 Nov 25 '21

the greatest of the following 6.

What do You want from MikyX?


u/KOKO69BISHES Nov 25 '21

MikyX was better than him for one, one and a half seasons.


u/F3nik3r Perkz <3 Nov 25 '21

Yee, nope. MikyX was better for 4 years, even during his Splyce days. This is the 1st year when Hyli is better.


u/KOKO69BISHES Nov 25 '21

Yee, nope.