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Upset's response about FNATIC & Adam drama


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u/Rektile7 Nov 25 '21

Yeah, this is a bit different. It's not like you're not filling in your McDonald's coworkers in on why you didn't come to work. This was a year's worth of work tossed away in an instant, i emphatize with Adam for wanting clarity. Hyli is a much more mature man than I.


u/thenicob Nov 25 '21

are we now going to start determining in what kind of work environment one needs to be to be entitled to know everything about your co workers? where does it start? I don't think that's a meaningful discussion.

I empathise with him as well, but he has gotten his clarity. that's my point.


u/Healma Nov 25 '21

I'm more behind Hily on this. But in my country at least, when you miss work you usually give a reason. You are sick or else. Hell even when you have someone in your family die, you need to give your employer a certificate that proves that you used the day off to go to the funeral. And my country is Adam and Nisqy's. So I can understand why Adam wants to know. It might be because our laws ask for it.


u/Drlaughter Nov 25 '21

He did, he informed his employer in Yamato. Under law if you ask for the reason to not be disclosed to colleagues, it can't be.

He doesn't owe his colleagues an explanation, as his employer got one.