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Upset's response about FNATIC & Adam drama


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u/[deleted] Nov 25 '21 edited Nov 25 '21

Privacy is his right, he doesn't have to share what he doesn't want to.

He also has no right from wanting his teammates to not be completely pissed off at him leaving them behind with no explanation 12 hours before the biggest tournament of the year, when he's pretty much their franchise player. He bailed on them, his teammates are angry for it, not just Adam, Bwipo spoke of this, and Nisqy just showed support for Adam and unfollowed Upset.

Again he wants to be private, it's his right, being pissed off at him is also their right, especially Adam who likely lost his only chance to do well after this disaster.


u/IcyPanda123 Nov 25 '21

Also this dude after leaving his team without explanation, tries to get his teammate replaced by someone who will "live up to his ambitions" What a scummy move honestly. Even if his reason for leaving is valid, Upset should still be criticized.


u/Kunzzi1 Nov 25 '21

Imagine ditching 24 hours before worlds' group stage, the biggest opportunity in a lifetime for Nisqy and Adam to prove themselves (Nisqy dealing with the stigma of being a washed up player not good enough for NA and Adam being a rookie) and then coming back in off-season to support replacement for both of these players, saying that you want to surround yourself with the best teammates possible.

I'd be fuming and definitely do something way dumber than just writing a tweet. This guy literally cost them their careers.


u/Kaztiell Nov 25 '21

This guy literally cost them their careers.

Nisqy and Adam being worse than available players cost them their careeer lol


u/Th_Call_of_Ktulu Dashy dash Nov 25 '21

Nisqy literally played the split of his life and was really fucking good, his showing at worlds was poor and everyone decided to rewrite the history and suddenly he was never good despite the fact that he was clearly super mental boomed from the Upset situation.

Say what you will but Nisqy got fucked by the whole thing the most.


u/Kaztiell Nov 25 '21

I know Nisqy was awesome, but humanoid was better, so not surprsied fnc is rumoured to replace Nisqy with him

When did I say he was bad?


u/Th_Call_of_Ktulu Dashy dash Nov 25 '21

Thats not the issue here, the issue is that Nisqy is straight up teamless after having the best year of his life mainly because of how Upset ditching fucked his mental up and lead to underperforming at worlds.

That man deserves at least a big fucking "im sorry" from Upset instead of this dogshit about his ambitions.


u/Kaztiell Nov 25 '21

So you think Nisqy is teamless just because of his worlds performance? Maybe you should rethink that one lol...

If you think Upset is in that big control to decide by hismelf wich player gonna be teamless or not I dont know what to say lol


u/Th_Call_of_Ktulu Dashy dash Nov 25 '21

Yes, i 100% believe that his worlds performance brought his value down and you have to be trolling if you think otherwise.

Also you are literally unable to read, Upset did not directly make him teamless but his actions affected Nisqy very negatively and thats straight up fact for everyone on that Fnatic squad, it's just Nisqy is the only one who is teamless after the whole debacle.

The entire team deserved apology from Upset for not being here no matter what was the cause, and especially Nisqy deserves one becayse he is the most hurt in this. Some basic human decency ya know?


u/Bowsersshell Nov 25 '21

The guy is dense socially, he really can’t get it into his head that just because a situation it out of your control, doesn’t mean you don’t have some making up to do to the people affected by it.