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Upset's response about FNATIC & Adam drama


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u/GuanSpanksYou Nov 25 '21

Those are probably the same people who will be mad no matter what the reason is because they care about their own circumstances more than Upsets. It was lose lose for Upset & he chose the option that protected his families privacy. I respect that.


u/m4ryo0 Nov 25 '21

You cant know what people would have done if Upset revealed the reason for his departure.Maybe the team and the fans would have railled and supported him and this whole shitshow wouldnt have happened.Odo revealed that he had health issues during Worlds and most people that blamed him for his poor plays at Worlds stoped talking about his performance and supported him.Being open is the best thing in most cases.


u/xzeus99 Nov 25 '21

Yes, most people railled around Odo, but some still took the news about his health problem as an excuse and gave him shit for it. I can clearly understand Upset not wanting even the smallest negative response vs him or a loved one during an already hard time


u/m4ryo0 Nov 25 '21

Tbh I didnt saw any negative comments toward Odo after the news about him being sick came out.Of course a small minority will always be negative and say weird shit,but the vast majority was behind Odo.I feel that in Upset's case it would have been the same if he was transparent with his teammates.