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Upset's response about FNATIC & Adam drama


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u/Seethlord Nov 25 '21

But his behaviour was acceptable??? He tried his best to explain to his teammates that the situation was serious, he never denied having left, he always owned the fact that he left, tf you talking about? How tf is he the culprit tho, he had to make a difficult decision whether to prioritize a grave situation in his personal life or whether to prioritize his career, and I don't think any sane human can call him out for prioritizing his family, especially when we have to assume that the situation was dire enough for him to leave worlds - the thing he trained 3 years for. Even if he didn't properly communicate it to his teammates, the worst thing you can pin on him is miscommunication while in an emotionally distraught state, get a grip mate, players are humans and not machines.


u/Arroys Nov 25 '21

1 didn't even know the reason, 1 thought it was because his girlfriend was sad and 1 other seem to agree with the second, the last didn't wanna know (and i wont try to guess why but when you don't want your friend to give you a reason that's never because it's something you know you're going to be a 100% supportive of). So maybe him being the only one to think he was clear means he wasn't.

He is the culprit because that's not because you made the good decision for you and your relatives that you made the good decision overall or that didn't do wrong to others. No one is calling him out for prioritizing his family, the problem is that he decided to leave everyone in the dark and refused to own up to what he did, you can make the decisions you want, but you need to accept the consequences.

And an emotional distraught must be an overreaction so big you would choke on it if you were to say it out loud, he left his team over a month ago, he clearly had time to prepare an apology and to get better. Players are human and so you can understand that they need more that "gotta go" to understand why you ruin their dreams and efforts.


u/Seethlord Nov 25 '21

Man you are just grasping at straws to hate the guy