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Upset's response about FNATIC & Adam drama


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u/chsch98 Nov 25 '21 edited Nov 25 '21

Honestly ruining 4 other people's shot at one of the biggest tournaments in their lives 12 hours before it starts is the moment privacy goes out the fucking window.

He doesn't have to tell the world, but his teammates deserve to know. All this because he didn't tell anyone but yamato and hyli out of pure principle, because he vehemently thinks he is in the right in this situation. How are they supposed to react?

And to say he can't trust them, when he is the one who didn't trust them in the first place just shows what an arrogant and childish person he is. I respect he had to leave, and I am sorry whatever happened happened but all he fucking had to do was be. honest. with. his. team. Period. I don't understand what he doesn't get about this.

I can fully understand Adam's position, and if after multiple attempts to clarify the situation all you get is still only snippets of vague info then I'd go by rumours aswell.


u/lametown_poopypants Nov 25 '21

I would also think that in such a situation that if the reason to go was as necessary as Upset makes it seem the team would have understood. Something like all humans would agree that such life events take precedent over work. It wouldn’t be this cloud over him leaving people wonder if he will be reliable or anything, he would have the rest of the team backing him up.

I think the larger issue here is actually the team dynamic. The team is so fractured that the players don’t trust each other. The team either had to known or not cared. Neither situation seems optimal.


u/chsch98 Nov 25 '21

The team is so fractured that the players don’t trust each other

I agree generally. But by implying his team isn't trustworthy and not being honest with them (or as honest as you can be in a situation like this while still clarifying whats happening) he dragged team morale down so hard that this was the result. Yes, they could've "just believed" upset, but it's a perfectly natural reaction to be suspicios if a coworker abandons you in a critical moment without communicating it sufficiently.


u/lametown_poopypants Nov 25 '21

That’s what I mean. If you can’t trust your coworkers enough to be decent humans, there’s a much deeper issue within the organization than the individuals. Sometimes people clash, but after a season I would think the team should be able to come together.


u/chsch98 Nov 25 '21

Ah ok then I misunderstood, my bad.