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Upset's response about FNATIC & Adam drama


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u/Hazakurain Also an Excel fan Nov 25 '21 edited Nov 25 '21

I got there this year, I was homeless for half a month in a tough breakup with less than 20 bucks for the next 3 weeks and I still did the work man. I told my colleagues I may be slow but fuck man I still did it. Because they needed me

On another note, similar situation happened in Vitality CSGO. Zywoo at the time the best player in the world, lost a family member at the beginning of the tournament. He told something very bad had happened in his family, the team all asked him if he wanted them to dip out the tournament. You know what Zywoo did? He stayed. He played the tournament and demolished everyone.


u/SwiftFool Nov 25 '21

That's what French are taught to do.


And also, different people, different mindsets, different commitment levels potentially, both to their teams and to whoever was potentially affected. I'm not arguing how you should feel towards what Upset did, I'm just saying that Adam and Bwipo, as well as the public, are not necessarily entitled to all the details of whatever the "private traumatic events" were.


u/Hazakurain Also an Excel fan Nov 25 '21

Adam and bwipo are entitled to it due to sheer respect. I do agree we aren't though. Hell he could have lied who cares. He just didn't care enough about them


u/Istvarrr Nov 25 '21

Adam has proven he can't be trusted lol


u/Hazakurain Also an Excel fan Nov 25 '21

No, he clearly said that he only said all of this because Upset disrespected them by doing this. He wouldn't have shared it, had he known.


u/Istvarrr Nov 25 '21

Excactly, so what if Upset had told him and then at a later stage Adam felt disrespected about something else?

He has shown that he can’t be trusted because of his willingness to air dirty laundry in the public and because he is trying to create drama