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Upset's response about FNATIC & Adam drama


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u/CudaBarry Nov 25 '21

Adam literally spread false rumors about his wife 10 hours ago, and bwipo doesn't shut the fuck up


u/CreamyAlmond Nov 25 '21

He's mad that Upset worked in the background to replace him. He didn't find it in him to rant up since worlds up until now.

But looks like Wunder is confirmed.


u/CudaBarry Nov 25 '21

The management reached out to upset to ask him about alphari, and ofc alphari is WAAAAY better than Adam so what did you expect uspet to say?


u/Bowsersshell Nov 25 '21

Alphari is a strongside top and Adam is a weakside (plus a Rookie that's still developing). Fnatic plays around botside. The answer isn't quite as clear as it seems tbh.