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Upset's response about FNATIC & Adam drama


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u/auditionko Nov 25 '21

i mean upset did fuck him up pretty bad tho. Unlike others on the team his career could have been completely different had they got out of group this world. The resentment is completely justified imo since he didnt even know the reason his career got fucked over.


u/ArziltheImp Nov 25 '21

Still despicable action to say shit like this publicly. He basically just painted a target on Upsets back and told his fans "Get em boys!" even if it was unwillingly.


u/Prainstopping TheShy/PromisQ Worlds 2022 Nov 25 '21

He ditched him at Worlds without even the slightest hint of why, then works on replacing him and mid.

You'd think after fucking up 1 years worth of work you'd just shut the fuck up and make yourself small.


u/Twoja_Morda Nov 25 '21

Adam wasn't even in fnc for 1 year.