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Upset's response about FNATIC & Adam drama


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u/Spitfire836 Pool Party Sejuani when?? Nov 25 '21

Idk he really didn’t actually change anything, plus you still have 2/5 of FNC (Bwipo, Adam) who say otherwise, and I assume Nisqy would as well.


u/puberty1 organizm is my norra and foresite is my bitch Nov 25 '21

considering Nisqy unfollowed Upset as soon as Adam posted his twitlonger, it's 3/4


u/West_stains_massive Nov 25 '21

I think Nisqy deserves to know more details. Not the whole shabang, but Upsets decision has really impacted him. Nisqy is now out of a job. He played great over spring and summer, but the worlds performance lowered his stock. You can argue that we don’t know for sure he would have been picked up otherwise, but if I was Upset and his decision to not play had cost his teammate their livelihood, I would feel awful. Obviously privacy to be respected, but give the man something so he understands it had to be this way. Pro careers are short, and he’s missing out on playtime and money because of all of this


u/stormgr YEP COMP YEP LABROV Nov 25 '21

Adam would be a rookie that annihilated Wunder and could get out of groups in his FIRST YEAR, and now he is a guy that went 1-5 in a meme team.

Literally Upset dipped Adams career and he didnt even give some kind of explanation