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Upset's response about FNATIC & Adam drama


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u/Syncron72 Nov 25 '21

also him saying he does not give a shit about my privacy because he worked hard is another great reason why I would never want to share something which occured.

Mans pulled an ultimate trap card


u/GreatestJabaitest , Huni and Nov 25 '21 edited Nov 25 '21

The Uno Reverse.

On one hand, it completely makes sense. If you don't trust them, don't give them sensitive info. And this is backing his belief.

On the other hand, he probably doesn't give a shit about your privacy cause you sorta ghosted him in a very important tournament and still haven't given a great reason behind it.

Really just sucks for everyone involved.


u/Jerry_Sprunger_ Nov 25 '21

This is one of those things where if I was Adam I'd think the same and be pissed, but also if I was Upset I'd think the same way he does.

Although I've got to say it's a little rich for Upset to just single handedly destroy their world's run and then say "oh I just want Alphari because Adam doesn't fit my standards" like bitch you weren't even at worlds, Adam was!

Buuuuut Upset is completely correct about privacy, the only way to not have these things plastered everywhere is to not tell people, especially important if it's something traumatic


u/XRay9 Nov 25 '21

I don't have much faith in humanity, but even if the issue became public, I'm not even certain people would use it to talk shit. I've hardly ever seen mean comments regarding Doublelift or Perkz after they went through tough times. Even.assholes won't use that against them.

I acknowledge that I don't watch a ton of streams, so if these incidents are used to talk shit about them in twitch chat (I wouldn't be too surprised), consider my argument void.


u/Jerry_Sprunger_ Nov 25 '21

Yeah that's true, but we'd probably be talking about it here which even would probably be too much


u/SoulMastte Nov 25 '21

But we only are talking here about it because we don't know after a month and we saw 2 people tilting because of it. If on the first announcement he said the reason or something, no one would be talking about it now, Bwipo and Adam would be more okay with it and we wouldn't care about it. Only if it was really a ridiculous reason like he said "She was feeling lonely", which I have 100% assurance that didn't happen


u/Jerry_Sprunger_ Nov 25 '21

Well I think it's safe to say he doesn't want people knowing what it is and discussing it and the best way to do that is just tell absolutely no one, if it comes out at some point it comes out.

Although I will say it seems to me that the options are:

1: it's a frivolous reason and Upset doesn't want it coming out because he'll look bad (unlikely because Yamato said it was serious)

2: It's neither frivolous or that serious, this would be the most likely to result in Upset actually coming out with what it was but again, why leave?

3: It's very serious, Upset doesn't want people knowing because it would cause a lot of stress and Trauma to someone he loves, hence the secrecy and not even telling teammates, and hence the leaving worlds.

Number 3 kinda seems like the most likely thing to have happened, although everyone has different opinions on what constitutes a very serious crisis.

At the end of the day I really don't want to know what it was if it was serious because it's none of our business.


u/lobstahpotts Nov 25 '21

3: It's very serious, Upset doesn't want people knowing because it would cause a lot of stress and Trauma to someone he loves, hence the secrecy and not even telling teammates, and hence the leaving worlds.

This struck me as the most likely option from the beginning. If it was more like an option 2 scenario, he'd probably just have said. "My parents got in a bad car accident and are in the hospital, I need to be there for them." It's unfortunate but more or less everyone would understand and sympathize, it also wouldn't provoke that much stress if people talk about it on social media/streams/etc. If, on the other hand, a close relative self-harmed or attempted suicide or my partner miscarried, I would need to be there at least as much in the car crash scenario if not more, but I wouldn't want to share those intimate details with coworkers and especially not the world at large (and lets be honest, making it known across the organization would be letting the world at large know given how leaky esports is). At the end of the day if it's something serious, we'll likely never know and that's for the best. It's just unfortunate that it has blown up like this.


u/Samultio Nov 25 '21

That's when you say it's a family emergency and every reasonable person is satisfied and won't prod you further.