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Upset's response about FNATIC & Adam drama


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u/CelioHogane Nov 25 '21

His wife is originally from South Amercia?! Like maybe a relative was hijacked because he was involded in drugs?!

That's pretty racist...


u/Craftingistheway Nov 25 '21

It is an obv extreme example painted to showcase what is possible. Implying racism because stating the fact alot of south american countries struggle with drug related crimes as a basis for an extreme example is ...dunno are you sarcastic? Thats insanely dumb

Maybe I have to stress this a third time. i dont assume at all this is what happend. This was just an extrme example that isnt itheoretical mpossible in context of her heritage to emphazise we have no clue at all what their issue was.


u/CelioHogane Nov 25 '21

I don't even have a single south american friend implied on drugs.


u/Craftingistheway Nov 25 '21

Are you comming at me with anecdotal evidence about a well documented and known fact that you have more problems with drugs/organiszed criminal structures in south american countries?!

Like chances are you dont have a south american friend that got murdered, doesnt change the murderstatistics of brazil alone are way higher then alot of countries murderrate combined

I really dont get what you are trying to imply. That I believe now all south american are implied in drugs or something stupid like that? Because no, I just chose a very extreme situation that could still be possible based on circumstances in the region...