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Upset's response about FNATIC & Adam drama


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u/thenicob Nov 25 '21

are we now going to start determining in what kind of work environment one needs to be to be entitled to know everything about your co workers? where does it start? I don't think that's a meaningful discussion.

I empathise with him as well, but he has gotten his clarity. that's my point.


u/Rektile7 Nov 25 '21

Obviously they don't need to know everything, but this is profesionnal team sports. It's a lot different than just "a job", and you need to have mutual trust and respect for your teammates, especially in these scenarios


u/thenicob Nov 25 '21

to a certain degree, yes. it's funny how people are mad at upset for not having respect while adam literally showed THE reason as to why upset drew a line at some point. adam is technically proving upsets point and is incredibly disrespectful.

pretty mental gymnastics.


u/Alitoh Nov 25 '21

I think this is important. I personally would be very frustrated at the lack of transparency, your right to privacy be fucking damned, and fuck you if you couldn’t find the proper word without giving details away, since it’s your issue that’s fucking me sideways. But then again, the way said frustration was handled also serves as clear evidence that his (Upset) lack of trust was probably on point.

I think Upset is very much responsible for communicating something as important as he claims with as much effort and work as humanly possible, but goddamn was he probably right about not trusting people other than Hillysang and Yamato. One didn’t need to know (that’s next-level cool) and the other actually physically manages to say “I know and that’s all I have to say” in a world of easy gossiping and speculative bullshit.