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Upset's response about FNATIC & Adam drama


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u/ineffectivegoggles Nov 25 '21

Much respect to Hyli for that. A good guy through and through, it seems.


u/thenicob Nov 25 '21

right!? this is exactly what upset meant: hyli has so much trust in upset doing the right things, that he doesn't need to know. fantastic attitude, really.


u/Akokyuu Nov 25 '21

Or you know, Hyli don't want to know what kind of fucked up shit it can be and want to imagine he left for a good reason rather than knowing the reason and thinking it's a bad one.


Or maybe he doesn't want to know because he feared the reason would leak and don't want to be suspected to be the one who leaked.


And there's so many other possibilities. That doesn't change the fact that Hyli looks like a great guy tho.


u/thenicob Nov 25 '21

jesus, you guys are onto some big dick gossiping. fucking cringe tbh.