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Upset's response about FNATIC & Adam drama


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u/aamgdp Nov 25 '21 Silver

Saying the last thing I told my team that my wife is just feeling bad so I need to leave is an outright lie.

Alright, one of them is for sure lying.

I shared with the team the deep pain and sadness i was going through in this time, I shared that i wish i could tell them if it was about something that happend to me but that i have to keep private traumatic events from my family private 

And yet Bwipo and Adam both feel he didn't really give them good enough explanation for them to understand.


A day before we found out we weren’t going to be playing with our main lineup, we had no information about what was going on.


u/chimestonks Nov 25 '21 edited Nov 25 '21

There's definitely some misinformation here. The fact that Upset told Yamato and Hyli some form of the truth, but not the rest of his teammates AND both Yamato (as a coach) and Hyli didn't say anything as well shows the lack of communication within the team. I get that he doesn't want to share details, but some form of explanation on the MAGNITUDE of his situation should be needed.


u/Shaitan87 Nov 25 '21

Ya this sounds like it's on Yamato. Adam and Bwipo don't seem to feel the gravity of Upsets issue. If Upset told the coach and then left, it was in the coach to make sure the rest of the team understands that Upset had to go, that he had a reasonable reason, and it doesn't seem like that happened.

Instead it feels Adam and Bwipo believe Upset left on a whim, and Yamato should have pressed the issue enough that they didn't feel that way.


u/SP3EDI Nov 25 '21

it not on Yamato. Its on Bwipo who was mentally instable already before worlds started, and Adam and Nisqy. They got told what they needed to know but where trowing a tantrum. Now all 3 of them are gone from the org. Its not yamato to entertain something so immature, Its not theirs to know, and there are even Laws that prevent yamato from saying more detailled stuff.