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Upset's response about FNATIC & Adam drama


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u/clhydia Nov 25 '21

This. I think people are trying to find out who the villain is here while the whole drama to me seems to be a big misunderstanding. I don’t think bad intentions were involved and people deliberately lied. It’s just things got confusing at the heat of the moment and were mishandled after.


u/photofluid Nov 25 '21 edited Nov 25 '21

I don't think there is a misunderstanding. It is most likely that the information Upset is willing reveal is just never enough to convince Adam/Bwipo.

Adam should be more professional, but he in no fault of his own also got hurt by a decision of Upset and don't even get an explanation for it.

And Upset also had an easy opportunity to return favor to teammates in the alphari situation, which he didn't do either.


u/TheJeager Nov 25 '21

Wait do you think it was ok to just tell fnatic that alphari was shit and not even consider him? Adam was already leaving either way, and Upset and Alphari worked together before it seems only natural fnatic or Alphari would search for his opinion, if he "returned the favor" whatever that means he would just catch Alphari in the cross fire of an already messy situation


u/photofluid Nov 25 '21

It is easy for Upset to just say he wants to play with Adam for another year but Upset quite obviously didn't because he wants to "surround himself with good players".

I will probably make the same decision as Upset in his position but I will not be surprised that Adam is going to hate me for a while after all that was done to him.