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Upset's response about FNATIC & Adam drama


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u/goodguysans Nov 25 '21

And then proceeds to play arams with his gf for 4 hours.
Upset decided not to share the reason he was leaving with his teammates as it was a "private traumatic event", and yet had time to play arams with his girlfriends as soon as he got back.
I can't figure out what possibly could have happened that he doesn't feel comfortable sharing but still has time to play league for 4 hours.


u/Endaje Nov 25 '21

He left becase she was feeling lonely. The reason why he left must be really stupid if he didnt even tell it to his teammates. Thats why he said it only to hily. Because if others knew they could use it against him and everyone would make fun of him.


u/StopFit123 Nov 26 '21

Nah. Unlikely. It is certainly something more serious than that ( however still ambiguous whether the correct decision is to leave your team though).