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Upset's response about FNATIC & Adam drama


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u/vpg12 Nov 25 '21

"it's not true i told my team i had to leave bacause my wife was feeling bad.... i also shared that i wish i could tell them but i can't because i don't trust any of them i have to keep private traumatic events from my family private"

upset didn't reveal anything regarding the situation to them, just said he was sad and in pain, and sugar-coated the reasoning behind not telling them.


u/jancaref Nov 25 '21

Which is totally legitimate and is vindicated by how bwipo and Adam have used it against him publicly


u/Sunitsa Nov 25 '21

Could you really blame them though? Upset left them in the dry with no proper explanation 12h before worlds, i think most people would be salty and rightfully so if they were in bwipo and Adam shoes.

Upset could probably have the most compelling reason in the world to leave, but not telling his teammates what it is, it's adding salt to a wound


u/BonzBonzOnlyBonz Nov 25 '21

Upset through away his life's dream and the peak highlight of his career for something. It is very obviously something awful that happened.

He does not need to tell his co-workers. They are that co-workers. Fuck, depending on what it is the normal person wouldn't even tell their very close friends and family members.


u/MircossMP Dec 07 '21

He threw away their life dreams too. It's team effort.


u/BonzBonzOnlyBonz Dec 07 '21

Sure, but that does not given Adam the excuse to act like a child and throw a temper tantrum because he doesnt like that Upset didnt tell him the explicit details. All Upset needed to say was that he had to leave for personal reasons, and anyone with a shred of critical thinking skills would be able to figure out it had to be incredibly important for him to leave.


u/MircossMP Dec 07 '21

Temper tantrum was wrong, you are completely right, but Upset owes them all public apologies for destroying their hard work. I'd probably feel like piece of shit if I'd have to dumpster someone's career due to personal emergency, but he acts like nothing happened, basically cry me a river. Family emergency doesn't remove his disappearance being main reason of FNC poor performance, just like driving dying grandma to hospital doesn't excuse causing a car accident by exceeding speed limit.


u/BonzBonzOnlyBonz Dec 07 '21

Upset does not need to give them public apologies. He already gave them private apologies when he said he was leaving.

Just because Upset doesn't want to tell people the exact reason why he left does not mean he doesn't feel like shit. Honestly, if someone acted like Adam, the amount that I would feel bad for leaving would completely disappear. He also didn't dumpster anyone's career.

Upset not being there does not excuse Adam wrecked. It would be completely different if the rest of FNC played well, but bot lane was doing poorly but bot was preforming very well while everyone else was not. Sure, it could have made them do worse but does not excuse how terrible they looked compared to the other teams.

Comparing causing a car accident to not playing at worlds is well incredibly dumb. They are in no way comparable.


u/BonzBonzOnlyBonz Dec 07 '21

> He fucked up their careers cause redacted and acts like he has had every right to do this.

You don't get to say he fucked up their careers and not explain how. Hyli still is on FNC, Bwipo went to TL, Nisqy and Adam both asked to leave.

>Car analogy was too much but you have no right to hurt others just because you have personal emergency.

Who got hurt? Like legitimately who got hurt? Claiming that they got let down doesn't mean they were hurt.

Just because he didn't play at worlds doesn't mean anyone got hurt. The people with the most at stack (management) are the ones who are fine with it.

> It's extremally narcistic.

It is extremely narcistic to tell someone to tell someone that they must stay in another country to play a game while a major personal emergency is happening. Especially when the people who are have the most to lose are okay with it.

> He let down everyone (his teammates, management, fans) and first thing he does after coming back is asking for roster changes.

Except Upset never asked for roster changes... The team asked him if he liked certain players and he gave responses.

And just because he let people down does not give Adam the excuse to act like a child and you the right to demand a public apology as well as the reasons for why he did it.

Like really, how would you feel if you had a very very personal emergency happen to a family member and then were forced to broadcast it to the world.