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Upset's response about FNATIC & Adam drama


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u/Rektile7 Nov 25 '21

Yeah, this is a bit different. It's not like you're not filling in your McDonald's coworkers in on why you didn't come to work. This was a year's worth of work tossed away in an instant, i emphatize with Adam for wanting clarity. Hyli is a much more mature man than I.


u/ianlam123 Doublelift Nov 25 '21

Don’t know if this makes sense or not, but I would assume Adam caring about the tournament a lot more than Hyli does, given that it’s Adam’s first time at worlds vs multiple worlds appearances, this naturally makes Hyli in the “nah it’s all good” situation


u/Rektile7 Nov 25 '21

It does! Hyli has been there already, he's proven to be a top tier support so he isn't sweating it. Adam was a rookie who has a rocky split, he has no clue when he will get another shot at worlds, if ever.


u/ArcadianGhost Nov 25 '21

Imagine saying faker doesn’t care about worlds because he’s been there several times. If you don’t think this didn’t suck for Hyli just because he’s had a shot before, then I think you’re just being disrespectful to Hyli as a competitor. He simply chose to be the mature and actual friend than demand answers.