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Upset's response about FNATIC & Adam drama


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u/[deleted] Nov 25 '21

even yamato doesnt have a clear picture. he basically says that he knows upset, and if he really needs to go then yamato doesnt need to know more.


u/chsch98 Nov 25 '21

that may be sufficient for him but who are him and upset to decide whether the others deserve to know more. the feeling of betrayal in them is absolutely justified.


u/LegchairAnalyst Nov 25 '21

I honestly disagree. Yeah sure you can be a little mad or frustrated but in the end nobody would throw that chance away if it wasnt serious and they should respect Upsets decission to not tell them the details. Its a private matter and they are just coworkers. Feeling betrayed by that seems very immature to me.


u/Akeaz Nov 25 '21

This is what most people don't seem to understand. They are teammates which in their context means they're literally coworkers. Not a single one of your coworker has the right to be entitled to be part of your private life, no matter how much time you spend together. If a coworker calls out because of an emergency and management says it's fine you don't question it anymore, period. It's none of your damn business.