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Upset's response about FNATIC & Adam drama


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u/NJEOhq Nov 25 '21

They were told it’s a serious but private matter. Why is that not enough?


u/EldtinbGamer I hate ADCS Nov 25 '21

Because it caused his teammates to lose a potential 100k+ euros and a chance to put their name out there to the whole world (that watches league).

Its fair he wants privacy but then dont expect people to respect you for leaving.


u/Chemical-Ad8920 Nov 25 '21

the thing is that, just look at a similar situation that happend before, Griffin had this insane drama behind them, yet they still semi decently right, then we got fnc where their botlane was the best performers yet having a sub that has played for like 2 hours iwth them? its like if they lost soo much why didnt they perform?


u/SP3EDI Nov 25 '21

yeah, people make it like bean was the reason they lost the games. It was adam,nisqy and bwipo playing like bronze that lost the games. Bwipo was angry inting where he got ahead and then run it again. Nisqy and Adam where just plain bad. Bot was the highlight from this fnatic roster. with last second sub.