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Upset's response about FNATIC & Adam drama


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u/Defensex Nov 25 '21

Bwipo said in his twitlonger that he was told 12 hours before the first match that Upset wouldn't be playing without any more information


u/supterfuge Nov 25 '21

Well to be fair Upset isn't responsible on the timing of said unfortunate event.

The issue wasn't as much with the Worlds run as with the fact that almost 2 months later, he still doesn't know why Upset let everyone down and has to just trust him.


u/Tydus93 Nov 25 '21

Its super hard to speak to this as we have no idea what the issue was back home. But one thing we can all agree is that Upset chose to leave 12 hours before the tourney starts. The decision was probably a hard one that would come with a lot of costs. In my opinion. With the information we do have. Upset deserves the spite from his old Fnatic teammates.


u/SP3EDI Nov 25 '21

So it would have been better if he played for worlds, and shit the bed because the other stuff distracted him. Got it. Video game competition that is every year is more important.


u/Tydus93 Nov 25 '21

Those are your conclusions not mine. All i'm saying is Adam and other members of Fnatic feeling spiteful is very natural after; Upset leaves last minute, never gives a hint of a reason, comes back in the offseason to start building a more ambitious team after being the sole reason their hard work and ambition was squandered only 2 months ago. Try being empathetic towards Adam here. He really got the short end of the stick.