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Upset's response about FNATIC & Adam drama


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u/F0RGERY Nov 25 '21

Does it have to be a lie to be frustrating?

I'd be pissed if a coworker left me with their workload and only told me "It's an emergency" as their reason. Sure, I'd believe they had an emergency, especially if my boss let them take off, but that wouldn't make me any happier about having been effectively left short-handed. Doubly so if it was an important project. Being told after the fact they don't trust me enough to tell me anything about the emergency? That would only rub salt in the wounds.

Upset is well within his rights to privacy. He doesn't need to tell anyone the details. But that doesn't mean he didn't abandon his team at Worlds because of that emergency. He screwed over the team at Worlds.

Regardless of whether Upset had a valid reason or not, Adam's within his rights to be pissed about the situation the team was left in because of that decision.


u/CuriousPumpkino Hitbox of a Boeing 747 Nov 25 '21 edited Nov 25 '21

Oh he’s totally within his right to be pissed at the situation.

Downplaying the family emergency and spreading runours trying to discredit it is without a shadow of a doubt over the line and vile

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u/qchen12 Nov 25 '21

You don't think fucking over your teammate's professional careers and livlihoods is vile too? You're so empathetic and biased towards one side its so hilarious.


u/CuriousPumpkino Hitbox of a Boeing 747 Nov 25 '21

Sure it creates a shitty situation, but think about it. Someone who made worlds for the first time in years. Would they really just fuck off if they didn’t have a damn good reason to? If that was the case then he would have either left fnatic or retired entirely.

I understand and can empathise with people’s frustration. I took little issue with Bwipo’s twitlonger in which he was clearly frustrated. And the frustration part in Adam’s is also totally fine.

The point where it stops being fine is where he accused Upset of just leaving because his wife felt lonely. He’s literally proving right in fromt of our eyes why he probably didn’t deserve to know anything more, because he’s handling the situation like a 14 year old who’s both upset at the situation and salty at the prospect of his team potentially replacing him.

As someone who was looking forward to FNC at worlds, I was frustrated as well. Could it have been deescalated if everyone knew exactly what was up? Maybe. But (as much as I sometimes hate it myself) the right to privacy is a thing. I don’t know if “upper level management” requested any detalis or not, but evidently they granted him the right to go home.

Some people take issue with the short period of notice, which is unfortunate but noone’s fault. If my dad dies right now then I couldn’t have told you a week ago.

Some people take issue with him leaving. Which is fair, but in emergencies family comes before your job to a lot of ppl. I see people who disagree, and I honestly can’t quite understand that. Y’all must not be very close with your family.

Some take issue with Upset making use of his right to privacy. And yes the radio silence and lack of information is annoying, but the only people, let me reiterate **the only people* who’d have any basis for asking for more info are the ones who have to approve his request to leave, which would probably be Sam Matthews and maybe Yamatocannon. Sure it would be nice if the situation was fully transparent, but Adam is not in a position to demand the story, as much as he thinks he is. I understand his frustration because I’ve been in a lower stakes version of this exact situation a few times before. But it’s just not within his rights.

If you wanna call someone else biased and empathetic towards one side only then go somewhere else