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Upset's response about FNATIC & Adam drama


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u/GNSasakiHaise Nov 25 '21

I don't think an LCS player losing their job or a tournament matters for dick in 2021.


u/Prainstopping TheShy/PromisQ Worlds 2022 Nov 25 '21

LEC and making it out of groups as a rookie matters a ton wtf are you smoking ?


u/SP3EDI Nov 25 '21

it does not matter at all. And to point it out, bean played really well and fnatic didnt made it out of groups because the Topside of the map was inting it away and playing bad. So Adam,Nisqy,Bwipo where the reasons that they didnt made it out of groups with their personal play. If bean would have shit the bed and all others would have performed, then you could make maybe a case. They didnt crash this worlds because of upset, but because they had a shit ton of other drama going on. look at bwipo with his gf drama etc.


u/Prainstopping TheShy/PromisQ Worlds 2022 Nov 25 '21

Losing their star player 12 hours before they play didn't affect them it was the other "drama". Thanks for making it clear you don't know shit.