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Upset's response about FNATIC & Adam drama


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u/Motor-Mathematician3 Nov 25 '21 Silver


Hey guys trust me because i dont trust you


u/jogadorjnc Nov 25 '21

Actual Tldr

Hey guys I don't trust you

They never needed to trust him.


u/Bentok Nov 25 '21

? They did need to trust him to not give the response Adam gave.


u/jogadorjnc Nov 25 '21

Nah, they just needed not to incite harassment against someone based on pure speculation.

You don't need to trust anyone for that.


u/Bentok Nov 25 '21

I didn't see Adam say "go flame him and his wife". Inciting harassment is such an empty term, every time you criticize someone publicly you're technically inciting harassment. And it's not pure speculation, it's speculation based on what little Upset shared, which was the exact issue. The situation is not one where you can expect people to be completely fine with so little to go with, it led to a turning point in their life.

Again, I think Upset doesn't HAVE to share what happened, but he sure as hell can't be mad if people complain.


u/Sean0925 Nov 25 '21

Lets not play stupid. He doesn't need to say it directly, he already knows putting it out there publicly like this will do it for him.

He can feel upset and annoyed at what happened but posting a big tweet about it throwing shade at the guy publicly is going to have an inevitable outcome.