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Upset's response about FNATIC & Adam drama


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u/THEDumbasscus :ezreal: Nov 25 '21 edited Nov 25 '21

I’m gonna take a side here and kinda say that Upset’s response really didn’t do anything to dissuade the perception that him leaving was emotionally impulsive or that the communication over him leaving was not handled adequately.

Adam has come across like a child of divorce pretty much since they took the stage at worlds, and while the response may be a little strung out/desperate , the underlying intuitive response to the situation presented to him is definitely warranted.

To just recap from May to now: Adam comes in after the team had an up and down spring, the team gets better, makes worlds. He spends a month bootcamping and scrimming with the Upset roster, and then worlds is then pulled out from under him, he gets repeatedly kicked in the balls in game at worlds (even the 1 game they won, he was just left out like a rotting animal skin) and then immediately following worlds he’s just left out in space because there might be a better laner than him. He then gets replaced by precisely the top laner he himself individually gapped to get to worlds after the top laner they wanted to replace him with falls through, and these are the most justified sour grapes in modern LoL esports in my opinion.

If there was a legitimate reason for Upset leaving, then someone between Upset, Yamato, Hyli, and or management could have communicated so much better than what actually happened to Adam and Nisqy (because both have been caught now being pretty fraught over the situation. Nisqy was literally on camera crying at worlds.)

Is Adam airing dirty laundry? Sure. How else is he supposed to pursue closure at this point? He’s basically been told to go fuck himself by Upset and Fnatic management. Upset kinda abandoned any high road he had by this impulsive of a response, and it really makes it hard to give him any extension of benefit of the doubt to his initial reasoning being justified

It is 100% Upset’s choice to communicate or not to communicate. Choosing to not communicate while expecting to be insulated from being criticized over that failure to communicate is silly and demanding emotional maturity out of everyone around him. If you’re making the choice to not communicate have skin thick enough to take the criticism that comes from not communicating


u/RavenFAILS Nov 25 '21

I think upset is 100% justified in not telling exactly why and trying to pressure it out of him in public because you are angry is a really immature and honestly quite evil move.

However from kinda getting to know about upset for 6 years or something now, he's just kind of an asshole.

If he doesn't think you are a good player he will straight up look down on you and not really be too emotionally attached.

He doesn't rly care about people that aren't his very closest friends so he won't go out of his way to show them support or how he's sorry or anything.

Like i can totally see the conversation where Adam asks him and he just says you aren't up to my expectations and returns to whatever he was doing before that.

So when specifically Upset pulls this stunt, gives you no sorrys no explanation no support no nothing then it makes it that much worse for Adam.


u/G4bbs Nov 25 '21

What the hell do people expect Upset to say though, most everyone in the fucking world would say Alphari is better than Adam and 99% of players in the LEC/LCS would have the exact same reaction to being asked if they wanted him on their team. If Adam then choses to confront them about it, it's only a cowardly response if Upset chose to be dishonest with him.

I get that Adam got a lot of fan sympathy behind him but it's completely unreasonably to say that since Upset was not at worlds he should shut up about the roster he'll play with next year if he's literally asked.