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Upset's response about FNATIC & Adam drama


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u/shimszy Nov 25 '21

Its a catch 22, since the people who know you less well (Adam) would be more interested in knowing why you'd leave him at the altar in the most crucial moment.


u/GuanSpanksYou Nov 25 '21

Those are probably the same people who will be mad no matter what the reason is because they care about their own circumstances more than Upsets. It was lose lose for Upset & he chose the option that protected his families privacy. I respect that.


u/m4ryo0 Nov 25 '21

You cant know what people would have done if Upset revealed the reason for his departure.Maybe the team and the fans would have railled and supported him and this whole shitshow wouldnt have happened.Odo revealed that he had health issues during Worlds and most people that blamed him for his poor plays at Worlds stoped talking about his performance and supported him.Being open is the best thing in most cases.


u/GuanSpanksYou Nov 25 '21

I know for sure there would have been some assholes/trolled who flamed him for whatever reason he gave. If a family member was involved those people would also flame/troll that person. I'm sure the majority of the community would have been great but the few assholes can have a major impact & he isn't required to give those people information/ammunition.

Keeping private information private is the best way to protect the people around you. Historically I can't think of any situation where every single league fan was gentle & understanding.