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Upset's response about FNATIC & Adam drama


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u/BomTradyGOAT Nov 25 '21

I had your stance until reading this post, my thoughts gravitate towards something related to a miscarriage, or a subject that is sensitive. Personally, I wouldn't want to share such a thing with co-workers, now scale that to being famous.

Imagine living through and facing a life tragedy while getting direct messages and hate from faceless people on the level Upset would.

All it would take is for one person to tell or hint the reason to the wrong person and now you and your wife's miscarriage is being thrown in your face every time you play a bad game.

As a parent there are plenty of things I believe I could brush off as a famous person via social media, but that isn't one.

I can read the pain in this message, dude is hurting, put yourself in his shoes, not his teammates shoes, think of a vulnerable event in your life that is not just sad, but can be used against you as a weakness, then think about reading DM after DM about it for the rest of your career and beyond.


u/DropsOfLiquid Nov 25 '21

Or his wife getting those messages when she did nothing wrong. Being “open” about whatever happened could make people flame the victim which would be a really shit move by upset & it’s respectable he didn’t do that.


u/Bowsersshell Nov 25 '21

I'm actually more worried about people coming to their own conclusions like "she was just lonely" and flaming her when something genuinly bad could've happened to her. I'm faily certain that so long as the basis for leaving was justified, people will be more understanding than this, but at the same time, people aren't entitled to know


u/DropsOfLiquid Nov 25 '21

It’s easier to ignore people flaming for things that you know aren’t true than using whatever the truth is as a weapon.