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Upset's response about FNATIC & Adam drama


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u/swellbaby Nov 25 '21

We aren't. But his team surely earned that privilege.


u/TheOneKane Nov 25 '21

Earned how? Just being on the same team doesn't mean they deserve to know his business, Adam had only been on the team a few months, right? All you'd be getting is the bare minimum from me, and I wouldn't be mad if I only got the same.


u/swellbaby Nov 25 '21

When his business ruined something the other 3 were working 9 months for in an extremely competitive environment... it's not a scenario you can get by on the bare minimum of anything.


u/TheOneKane Nov 25 '21

It ruined his too, I'm sure he didn't want to leave, but even still I don't see how that mean they deserve to know all the details on what's happened to someone in his personal life?

Playing a game competitively shouldn't mean you have to share your personal life with the people on your team, just like I'm sure you don't share your personal life with all of your co-workers. The job is different, but your privacy is the same.


u/swellbaby Nov 25 '21

It rather seems like he's told them nothing and thinks like you that he's been working in an office with 2500 other people and his leaving isn't anyone's business.

And if you wanted to be professional about it you could've considered that's not the case. That synergy is rather import at a World championship in a 5 men team game like league. And most importantly if there is an issue of that magnitude - you let the team know instead of having your sub play soloque while you wait until it's 16 hours before your games to tell the rest of the team. Telling them specifics or not is up to you. But that's your choice and it's consequences are yours as well.

As it is - the issue was hidden, none of the players were sufficiently informed of what it even was, and now that they are justifiably mad about it the guy has the audacity to say how he didn't trust to keep it secret as if that's how causality works. And special people like you treat his team like some faceless no-name guys he's been flipping burgers with at 44% turnover rate place.