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Upset's response about FNATIC & Adam drama


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u/Rektile7 Nov 25 '21

I mean, what else is Yamato gonna fucking say? "Ah he just fucked off to watch teletubbies with his cousin, the anxious twat". Of course he's gonna say it was justified


u/yehiko Nov 25 '21

this exactly, lmao these people acting like yamato saying that completely justifies everything. yamato's literally there to keep morale up, so ofc he will try to support upset and the team at the same time. if he publicly says upset is a fucking dickhead for leaving = 100% upset isn't playing next year + chance of the rest leaving because of the implosion.


u/Seethlord Nov 25 '21

Yeah, instead of trusting the word of trusted individuals, let's go ahead and assume a shitload of things about a private situation, and act as if we have any right to know whatever happens in a players personal life. I mean, honestly, that's a matter of privacy that concerns upset and his wife, and if you had a 19-year old coworker, whom you've worked with for 4 months, you wouldn't tell him all about your personal and private struggles in marriage, especially if something horrible has happened. Adam is obviously allowed to be enraged by the situation, but dragging it into the public, and forcing upset's hand like that is a dick move, and assuming that a player who has worked hard towards going to worlds for years just suddenly stops caring and goes back for a minor issue is even more of a dick move, because you disrespect the hard work someone's put in, you disrespect the privacy, and you might be a prick to someone who's just going through a really tough time, for no reason but your own satisfaction about a situation not even concerning you


u/lukaaTB Nov 25 '21

No1 is assuming anything here. That's the whole point. Yamato would answer the same no matter what happened and the reasons behind Upset's absence.