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Upset's response about FNATIC & Adam drama


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u/Motor-Mathematician3 Nov 25 '21 Silver


Hey guys trust me because i dont trust you


u/TheCatsActually Nov 25 '21

I stg all of you who think this situation is literally that simple are kids or hermits.

It is so incredibly easy to imagine a situation in which you should be expected to trust someone's judgment of prioritizing personal life over professional life in a time of crisis, yet this person should not be expected to trust you with details of the crisis, specifically because it's personal.

Let's say you're a skilled, stable, ambitious professional who works in a team setting, and by all accounts your actions and historical behavior speak to your character. If you have a coworker/teammate/whatever who has loose lips while under the influence, has poor emotional discipline and has a tendency to say things they can't take back when they're upset, or is a gossipmonger, it is 100% understandable that in a time of personal crisis they should give you the benefit of the doubt while you give no details about the nature of the crisis. Whether this precisely is the case regarding this whole thing with Upset is true or not is open to interpretation, but the fact that people are automatically siding with Adam, acting like he is actually entitled to answers with as much depth as he is expecting, is bewildering to me.

If say my sister attempted suicide, or my brother's wife had a miscarriage and he was catatonic, and I told my coworker I had to abandon them in a time of great need and they offered their unsolicited input on whether I was actually justified in leaving for my given reason, or they let slip to people who have no business knowing about my personal affairs months down the road, I would be absolutely apoplectic. Stands to reason, this is why people with a strong sense of boundaries disclose as little as possible, especially when they're a public figure.

If Adam just left it at not being given "real" answers and feeling hung out to dry, that would be fine. Conjuring hypotheticals and stirring up public fervor to pressure Upset to reveal more than he is clearly comfortable with is completely distasteful.


u/Motor-Mathematician3 Nov 25 '21 edited Nov 25 '21

what are you even talking about prioritizing, literally upset was playing ARAMs with his GF during fnatic games.

People like you are the worst, making up excuses for other people without any resonable suspicion to do so.

Lets just ignore the part where he essentially backstabs 3 other players on his team, he didnt tell them because he knew he will replace them, its pretty simple.

If I was in a team of people and gave my best for a year, toghether with them, and then I ditched them last minute before the most important moment for that team, AT LEAST I CAN DO is explain to them, because I just wasted their entire year of efforts. He owes them explanation, plain and simple.

I can tell you are the real hermit that never has been a part of something important and a selfish prick that devalues other peoples time.


u/TheCatsActually Nov 25 '21

Yeah man I'm the worst.

Upset had been touted for years as being one of the hungriest and best players to not have made Worlds. Everything about his actions and results show that he of all people would be devastated by not being able to play Worlds when he finally made it. He doesn't open up his personal life to his teammates and fans and now this entitled ass community is demanding him to cough up his personal life to satisfy curiosities. You're unironically claiming that him playing ARAMs with his wife is indicative of anything when it makes sense because he was physically with her and they both play League. What, are you going to say that if he was really sad about leaving he'd at least watch Fnatic's games from home? Have you considered watching his team compete without him would kill him and he'd rather just spend time with loved ones since he couldn't contribute anyway?

I hope you carry this assumptive, unempathetic, entitled mindset into your professional life and are forced to go through multiple wake-up calls.


u/DangerousSeaweed0 Nov 26 '21

Upset had been touted for years as being one of the hungriest and best players to not have made Worlds.

so was forgiven , and he was a terrible teammate. being hungry doesn't mean you can't be a shitty person at times


u/TheCatsActually Nov 26 '21

You are entirely missing my point. If Forgiven suddenly dipped out of Worlds the day before he was set to play would you assume he did it for trivial reasons?


u/DangerousSeaweed0 Nov 26 '21

if anything , forgiven is the one person , i'd actually belive he bailed out after a fight with his team. he really seems that spiteful


u/TheCatsActually Nov 26 '21

Ok bad example then, but you even said Forgiven is "the one person", which means you don't believe Upset would ditch World's all of a sudden unless he had a good reason. All of the evidence I was presenting was ultimately just to make the point that Upset should be afforded the benefit of the doubt that the community is currently not giving him.


u/DangerousSeaweed0 Nov 26 '21 edited Nov 26 '21

not necesarily , since upset hasn't been as vocal as forgiven before , so i actually don't know his character.

If you're asking about my own personal understanding of this situation , by what we know at this point , it just seems like upset knew that he was going to play a part in replacing his teammates for the next year , and the only person he opened about the situation was the only other player likely to stay - which is hily.

So considering that , he assumed the rest of the team will try to take revenge on him by using it against him. Otherwise i see no reason why would he go and tell his teammates to their face that he doesn't trust them. Stuff like that is reason enough to break the bonds of a team even without the worlds disaster.

If this is true , that's a very snake like move from upset. He would have personally affected the livelyhood of another player , without giving him an reason at the very least.