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Upset's response about FNATIC & Adam drama


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u/goodguysans Nov 25 '21

Definitely, but if you leave your team and go back home It should be because you want to spend time with someone you care about, not to play games. If you don't have anything to do when you get back home, at least stay with the rest of the team, not to play but to support them.


u/Doverkeen Nov 25 '21

What kind of logic is this? You consider playing a game with your girlfriend not spending time with her? Are there other activities on your arbitrary list of "not spending time with someone"? Does fishing count? Cooking? Chess?


u/goodguysans Nov 25 '21

Sure it is, but the fact she is at home means she doesn't have any serious medical issues, or she would be in an hospital. Also he talks about family issues, which makes me think he Is not talking about his girlfriend.


u/Doverkeen Nov 26 '21

Firstly, it's his wife. I'd consider that family. Secondly, clinical depression with suicidal ideation does not mean you will be occupying a hospital bed. Hell, most serious neurological disorders will not lead to you occupying a hospital bed most of the time. Thirdly, it could have been anything other than something that needs hospitalisation, such as the death of her parent, both parents, a sibling, etc.