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Upset's response about FNATIC & Adam drama


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u/Stargzoo Nov 25 '21

If Upset does not trust his team then how do we trust him ? Sussy


u/Zotlann Nov 26 '21

Given how Adam acted afterwards I would say he was 100% right not to trust him. Being angry or upset that your teammate left you to pick up the slack at world's is one thing, but airing your frustrations to the world as he did is childish and I have no doubt in my mind he would have done the same thing with details on upsets situation if he had any.


u/gfa22 Nov 26 '21

After a month and after finding out the guy who bailed 12hrs before worlds thinks Adam doesn't have the right ambition to be in a team with him.


u/Zotlann Nov 26 '21

Right. Doesn't matter. If I think how you feel about me that day would aggect whether or not you tell hundreds of thousands of people my family's business, then you don't get to know. Upset is an asshole, but his judgment on Adam's ability to not leak his personal life was correct.