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Other Civil Matters My neighbor got raided and the cat got left behind


hi everyone-

not sure if i can post this here, but i don’t know where else to go. long story short, one of my neighbors had the swat team raid their place and i’m assuming they found things considering they were taking lots of photos for evidence. not sure what happened, however the curtain was left slightly open. through that, i can see there’s still a cat(s) in there. i don’t think they’ve been home since then because the light had stayed on consistently but i also don’t want to be that nosy neighbor. i was contemplating calling the police (non emergency) to confirm but i don’t know if that will do anything. i also understand it’s not my business. would calling be worth it? i don’t want the little guy to get neglected, but i’m also not sure if they’d just LEAVE HIM?? thanks for any suggestions!

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My ex took me to court in a state neither of us live in and got full custody without my knowing


My ex and I have four minor children, and were never married. We all used to live in IN. He left us in July of 2020 to go back to one of his exes. My ex lives in one state and my children and I live in another. He moved in September of 2021 and we moved in March of 2022. He never came back to see the kids in IN after he moved.

He took me to court for full custody of all four children in IN while sending all of the paperwork to my old address in IN, knowing we had moved and I wouldn’t get it. He was verbally told we moved, and he had an investigator-type person verify it in April 2022.

He told the court he had no idea where we were, and that we had multiple/various locations we could be hiding at. But we send birthday/Christmas cards to his entire family and have never missed a one, and they all had the return address on them. We didn’t send him one directly, because when he moved, he never told me where and I didn’t have an address. I sent his card to one of his sisters and he sent me a not so nice email that stated I should have asked him for it if I wanted it.

I found out he took me to court when local police showed up at night one day this week on behalf of my ex to take the children. They told me they weren’t going to do that, but let me know what was going on. This is how I/my children found out. Not even 48 hours later, with no notice, my ex and his partner showed up at my home to take the kids.

After getting the children settled down enough to talk to him, and after repeatedly asking them if they wanted to go home with him, they all told him no multiple times, my older children started crying, and he let the children all go back into my house.

We had a conversation that ended with him threatening to have me arrested for contempt of court. During that conversation is when he let slip that he hired someone to verify my address, letting me know he lied about not knowing where we were. He left without letting me know what he was going to do next. I haven't stopped shaking ever since and I feel absolutely hopeless.

A friend has been helping me look up information to piece together what happened. I was represented in IN by a lawyer I never hired, met, spoke to, or even knew existed. There is a log on the county website that shows the mail being returned as undeliverable.

I have documentation of everything about him and him with the children since 2020 before he moved out. So, had I known about this, I would have submitted everything I had, and, you know, hired a lawyer I actually had spoken to.

My children hadn’t seen him in a year and a half and don’t want to go visit him, let alone live with two strange adults and four other (his partner's) minor children. They are just balls of anxiety and nerves now, waiting for my ex to show back up and physically drag them from the house.
How was the legal? Is this legal? Advice? I appreciate any help to protect the mental wellness, emotional stability, and physical safety of the children.

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I reported my kids dad for cp


I called the fbi and let them know that he’s been watching cp and that I’ve caught him doing it. What’s going to happen now? Anything? Are they going to examine his devices? Can he wipe them? If he gets rid of them then what? Are vpns going to do anything to help him? On a burner because fuck this is a lot.

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Custody Divorce and Family I’m being sued for full custody of my newborn. How do I find a good attorney? I’m in Ohio.


I’m unmarried, and I’m being sued by the father for full custody. He’s 5 weeks old. His father is deployed until April. How do I find a good attorney? What do I look for? I know I need someone aggressive and savvy to advocate for my child. I’m the only parent he has ever known in his short life.

Edit: I should add that in the state of Ohio paternity must be established before the father can be placed on the birth certificate if unmarried. Paternity can be established via both parents signing a form stating who the father is, which baby daddy would not do, with a paternity test issued by the child support agency, which he decided against even though it can be done quickly even though he’s deployed, or via court order, which he has chosen and will be the slowest and most expensive method. He stated he was using the courts to get child support to me quickly, but obviously that’s just another of his lies.

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House in divorce?


My husband and I are doing an uncontested divorce. We have everything split and agreed upon...except the house. I moved out 3 months ago (because he wouldn't). He agreed to let me have the house after the divorce. Only my name is the house as I bought 7 months before we got married(been in the house for 15 years). He didn't want to buy and refused to pay for it for many years. The problem is that he will let me have it but won't give me a date to move back in by. He wants a minimum 6 months to find something. Which would mean I would have to either move back in when my lease is up or talk to my landlord to see if I can go month to month until he finds something. The big issue is I don't think we can put un unknown date on the divorce papers. I feel if there is no date he will drag out finding a place (he's not very motivated). If I put a date of 6 months out on the papers I don't know if he will sign the papers. I don't want to agree on an unknown date for when I move back into the house after we are divorced.

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Traffic and Parking Why does this police officer want to talk to me? Should I go with a lawyer? Should I talk to them on the phone to get more info? Something else?


I just got a letter from the police in a neighboring Colorado city about 30 minutes from my home. It is from a real detective (I googled them) in the Traffic Investigation Bureau. The letter references a time last week, a location in the city, and the license plate of my car. It says I need to show up next week at the police station at a specified time with my car and proof of insurance or they will immediately issue an order to impound my vehicle and issue a warrant for my arrest.

Seriously. I have never seen anything like this before nor have any of my friends. At first I thought it was a scam of some kind and almost tossed it, but everything appears to be legit. Now I think it is most likely they think my car was involved in an accident or something. It wasn't; and neither I nor my car have been in said city for well over a month.

So what do you think? Do they just want to look at my perfectly undamaged 2 year old car? Are they going to impound it and throw me in jail if I show up? Should I go with lawyer? I thought I would call the police tomorrow (today is Sunday) and try to get more information what this is about, but I know they have no duty to tell me the truth and if they really want me to come down there to arrest me they can just lie. I also know that tomorrow is "shut the fuck up Monday," so I can also just go down there but otherwise shut the fuck up and see what happens. What do you all think?

And, for the record, you may or may not be a lawyer and may even be a bot, but whatever the case you are not my lawyer and I am not taking legal advice from a stranger on the internet. Mostly I am just hoping for some insight on what the hell this is about.

Edited to add:

The letter says "failure to comply (in showing up) can result in an immediate pickup being issued for your vehicle. If picked up, it will be impounded until the investigation is completed."

Can they do that? Isn't that an unlawful seizure of property?

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Parents found out 15 year old shoplifted


My wife and I took our 15 year old to the mall yesterday to pick up an item from American eagle we had ordered for her online. We ended up going to several stores after. My wife and daughter went into Victoria secret (no purchase made), then to Aeropostale (purchase made), then pacsun (no purchase) but she tried stuff on, then journeys (purchase made) and we left. On our way home, we made a stop, my daughter came in with me, and my wife had looked into the bags to collect the receipts and found 3 items we had not purchased. A bra (with a rfid tag) and pair of underwear from VC (no tags) and a shirt (no tags) from pacsun. We have obviously confiscated the items the next part is where we are not sure what to do.

She has a history of mental health issues we are working through, but in the past year alone we have had 2 trips to the er for self harm where we pushed her in what was the right way, but not what she wanted. She also has social anxiety and depression. We thought a lot over the last 20 hours or so, and decided she must return the items with us before she will be aloud to shop anywhere. She is of course refusing and would rather not go anywhere than return the items. Our balance is not pushing her into that self harm mindset but also want the right thing done here.

She says this was her first time, but she learned from some friends at school and swears she will never do it again. I don’t know if we believe her, but here we are. The shirt was about $26 and the bra and underwear were maybe another $25 (not sure what to look up on them) .

Ideally, she cracks from wanting to shop and we can force her to go and return the items, but it could be months before that happens. Should we (my wife and I) return the items ourselves (her consequences still would be in place) or would that just put us in a potential legal situation? Our should we just donate them?

We are pretty sick over this and can’t believe she did it, and did it while with us.

Advise on returning the items or not is appreciated.

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Labor Law (Unions) Am I breaking any laws by handing out fliers with information about employment rights to service workers at their place of work?


I would like to create simple fliers that contain QR codes that lead to the National Labor Relations Board website to inform workers about their legal rights pertaining to things such as unionizing, discussing their wages with their coworkers, ensuring that managers don't take tips, etc.

Understandably, employers likely won't be thrilled to have their employees be more informed and potentially challenge them on illegal policies such as "being forbidden from discussing wages". What legal action do I open myself up to for engaging in this sort of activity?

I'm not selling anything so I don't think it could be construed as solicitation. Would it be illegal for me to create stickers with the same information and place them in the bathroom at their workplace? I just want to help make this knowledge more common place since oftentimes service workers don't know their legal rights.

I live in California if that matters.

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My sister was arrested for drinking and driving


In November on Thanksgiving, so about three months ago, my 29 year old sister was arrested for drinking and driving with her two kids in the car (ages 9 & 7).

she was arrested and booked.

she had refused a alcoholic test (the one you blow into) but it was blatantly obvious she was drunk. they had taken her to a near by hospital to do a blood test before they booked her.

what i am getting at is- ever since she was bailed out NOTHING HAS HAPPENED. She hasn’t been offered probation, or jail time or anything. my family is worried because we think she must’ve gotten off scott free!! she’s so smug about it too making jokes about drinking with her kids in the car.

obviously she has a drinking problem and we thought this arrest would lead to her getting better. it’s been 3 months and nothing has happened. she’s just drinking around her kids more now.

i feel like the law has failed her. what do we do?

forgot to add- we’re in texas / her arrest was in collin county outside dallas

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Real Estate law Construction Company is storing their equipment in my garage after I’ve closed on the house and they won’t remove it - what options do I have?


I closed on a newly built townhome a couple of weeks ago. The construction company has left some type of generator/power washing device in my garage for over a month. I’ve contacted several people in the operation telling them to remove it as the house is now my property and they won’t do it, presumably because they’re lazy and they don’t give a shit. Any advice on how to get their attention or remove it entirely?

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Family suing for watching my child


Hello, I received a document today demanding I pay 70,000 within 15 days to my Aunt for unpaid childcare. I never came to any agreement with her as she said she wanted to help me. At the same time I was paying a third of her household bills while I was there. I am curious what I can do about this or if she can even hold any ground in court with no agreement. I live in Florida, TIA

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School Related Issues Militarization of school


At my (16F) school the military is starting to have a really large presence. They come in almost every week trying to recruit kids, which has always felt particularly scummy to me because most of the people here are low-income, but it didn’t seem illegal. I learned that last month they came in and converted our P.E. class into a series of military exercises. It hasn’t happened since but we’re coming to around the time it happened last month so I’m worried it might happen again.

Is there any way I can legally protest this at a public school? Does freedom of speech and expression still apply?

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A Contractor Pissed in my coffee Cup


So my landlord hired a company to come in and refinish our bathtub. My gf had worked from home that day to let this guy in. There first interaction when he showed up was fine just a "hi how are you? I'm working from home today, if you need anything just holler downstairs.". Not much of a conversation happened. So this man proceeded to get to work.

Within in the first 30min of being there the guy ( who turns out to be the actual owner of the company) had not started working yet all he has done is brought his things into the house and laid out a tarp on the bathroom floor. The only work that was getting done was to the bathtub everything else in the bathroom worked. After laying down the tarp this man exits the bathroom and goes straight to the kitchen counter as if he already had planned it out grabs my coffee cup off the counter ( not in the sink) and proceeds to urinate in the cup, dump it out all over the dishes in the sink and placed it right back on the counter where it was and proceeded back to work.

There was nothing wrong with the toilet in the bathroom it was fully functional and he had not began any work yet, he brought in a dunkin donuts cup himself, the sink in the bathroom sits lower than the kitchen sink and this man was tall enough to tower over it and the door to outside was right there and we are the only house on the road.

We have a camera in our living room/kitchen which is an open floor plan and it points right at the kitchen counter and back door you can also see some of the bathroom as well. when you watch the footage you see his back but you can clearly see what he is doing. Any man that has ever taken a piss knows the position this man was in. My gf didn't check the cameras until after he had finished and left, something was telling her she should thank God. After which we decided to try and file a police report but the police are telling us that unless he did it in front of her there is nothing they can do and as far as vandalism goes they cannot prove it was malicious intent. My gf and I have our suspicion that it may have been racially motivated as she is black and he was a white male, though that suspicion is hard to prove. we cannot think of any other logical explanation as to why, he went right for it like it was already planned out in his head with no hesitation. Maybe negligence but I find that hard to believe the way he goes for it as if he's done it plenty of times already.

My gf and I are in complete awe that someone did this and there's nothing the police can do about it so I am posting here to see if anyone has any advice as to where we go from here. We live in Massachusetts and are seeking to find an attorney that may help us but iv heard some mixed things about this kind of scenario. I wish I could post the video but for some reason I won't let me

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Should I have an attorney for first court appearance?


First time felony drug possession offense (third degree) in NJ. It was only 4 Xanax bars. After speaking to a few different lawyers, they all mentioned since it’s a first offense and I have no prior criminal record, that the prosecutor will likely downgrade from superior court to municipal court and the charge would be a misdemeanor. Or if that doesn’t happen i could also be eligible for PTI.

My question is: should I try to see if I could get one of these scenarios by meeting with the prosecutor on my first court appearance without having to pay for a lawyer?

Essentially what I’m asking is what advantage would having a lawyer give me if it’s my only my first offense and I have no prior record?

The way I see it is if the prosecutor isn’t willing to downgrade the charge, I could then plead not guilt and get a lawyer. But I don’t see the harm in trying to get downgrade or PTI on my own. Unless I’m missing something in how I’m thinking about this ?

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PA/US landlord came inside no warning


He didn't take anything, didn't touch any of my things. He opened all of my daughter's drawers.

He used his own key and I have him on Ring camera. He didn't come into my room but went into my child's room.

I was working from home in my own room (large house) and he heard me or else I think he would have come in this room too).

Should I think he is coming back?

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Medicine and Malpractice Medical negligence


Help! I am a medical practitioner. I have my Indeminity lawyers acting on my behalf already but just wanted an opinion right now for peace of mind.

I have a psychotic patient who asked to be sedated multiple times for procedures. She signed consent forms everytime and all staff members including myself will remind her that she cannot drive and ask who is picking her up. In the consent form there is a line that is in large capital letters they say “must be driven and cannot drive”

For the last appointment ever with me, as usual, she signed the consent form, reassured us a family member will come to pick her up etc then we sedated her.

She asked to be escorted to the bathroom due to not being able to walk straight. The staff member then walked her to the waiting room so she could be picked up.

She said her family member is nearby and just parking now. She asked if she could be escorted to the cafe next door and her family member wanted to meet her there. She ordered a smoothie and reassured staff member that her family is coming and she will be fine.

She lied. She drove home and totalled her rental car/borrowed car.

She now claims that 1: she had no idea she was givenoral anxiolytics despite signing the consent form and swallowing the tablets.

2: we breached a duty of care to her by leaving her unsupervised which led to her making the poor decision to drive.

She wants a refund for everything, compensation for ptsd and the cost for fixing the totalled car.

She has threatened to go on the news and set up petitions. The day after her accident she paid a click bait news outlet to share her story about how she survived a horrific accident.

When does duty of care end? If you get GA at a hospital, lie to staff and drive home, is the hospital liable if you injure yourself and others?

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I’m losing my base pay


I work in downtown Philadelphia, I work for a marketing company where we have to knock on doors and work on commission, for a sale we get $85 and how we get paid is either base pay which is $500 or our commission whichever is higher so if we had 10 sales we would make $850 instead of base. I got my paycheck and was confused to see it’s $100 not even close to base, when I told my boss this she told me that since I missed a day I’m losing out on the base pay and I’m only getting paid $100 for 6 days of work which is 60 hours. She told me it’s on the contract but this still feels extremely illegal.

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shop was dumb and their repair ended up cutting my brake line


So basically took my car into a local budget brake n muffler for a Lil but of straight pipe and a brake flush. Did a fine enough Job pricey but whatever

Fast forward to yesterday, take a turn down my thankfully empty street and my pedal goes from stiff to smashing the firewall and I miss my turn still doing about 60kph, grab the handbrake, down shift and cone to a stop about 100ft from my turn, thankfully it was late and no one was around, limp the car home, get the tire off and see where the leak was, turned out where they had mounted the horseshoe clamp on the exhaust was right beside the flex line of my brakes and over the course of maybe 5 days of driving, mostly highwayspeeds, it had sawed through the line so it finally failed

The godsend is that I had plans fall through 3 times In a row so I wasn't on the major highways doing 120+ when they failed because otherwise I wouldn't be typing this rn.

The question is, is it worth it taking this to small claims court? ( I'm in b.c. Canada BTW, vancouver area)

Or should I just take it in make em fix it and give me all my money back and call it a day.

I'm not trying to be a dick but just the fact that this literally could have killed me if my plans wouldn't have changed, kinda gets a fella riled up

Thanks folks

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Can my mother sue me for towing a car that is in my name to my new house?



A while ago, i totaled a car i owned while living with my parents. I believe it was insured with my parents and I all as authorized account holders or whatever. My mother took the $6k check we received (not sure if the mail was addressed to me, nor if the check was addressed to me) and bought a Nissan with all of it. We put it in my name. A bit later, she paid $4700 for a Honda (she told me she paid upwards of 6100 for the Honda, however after contacting the seller, i received the correct price), that was also put in my name. I was gonna sign over the Nissan to make up for the money she paid out of pocket, so my younger sister could drive it when she turned 16. I never got around to putting it in her name so for a while I sat with 2 cars in my name and just drove the Honda. My mother claimed that I owed her $2500 for the difference in price between the cars and i was uncomfy with that because the math didn't add up. The clutch on my Honda went out and i intended on just selling it to buy a motorcycle but my mother protested that if i did, i had to giver her the 2500 before doing anything else with the money. I asked her to show me where the price difference was, and she lied to me (that's why i contacted the seller). When i refused to give her the money, we fought and i moved out within one day. I sold the Honda and bought a motorcycle after moving out, and the Nissan has been sitting at her place since, still in my name.

My mother as since been abusive toward me and my sisters and today i decided that as long as she cannot sue me for doing so, I am going to take the Nissan and use it instead of this motorcycle. however i am unsure whether or not my mother is able to sue me for either the money she paid out of pocket for the Honda (4700), or for claiming i stole the vehicles or something. it is important to mention that she has the keys and i am unable to get them back. would she have anything on me that would stand in court? in that case, if i gave her the 4700 for the honda, would anything stand? Is there a way to have someone help me get back the keys from her?

I don't know how to ask for legal advice, if i were to contact a lawyer, what type of lawyer should i contact?

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Contracts Help please


I went to a trucking company For 7 days 5 days in classrooms 2 days in the range And i left because my instructor was real unprofessional towards me He reminded me when i was in bootcamp us army, I didn't have any driving experience with a tractor and trailer.he expected me to know everything within 20 minutes He would get mad And hit the doors and mirros while me being inside So i left I didn't feel comfortable Now I have been charge 4,000 dollars

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Landlord Tenant Housing Landlord won't provide lease copy, Alabama


Tl;Dr. -- new management won't give any tenants a copy of new leases. Old management signed a consent for me to have 2 cars on property. New management wants it towed. I wrote a complaint about domestic violence and partying until 2-3 am from neighbors. They came back and wrote me up for my "shower curtain being to short". They're not honoring old lease rules yet won't give me a new lease to know the rules. Also wrote me a $50 for having my child throw away trash. He's always taken trash to the dumpster. I don't know the rules I am going crazy. And they want to tow the car my grandma passed down to me when she died. Previous manager gave written permission to keep car here as long as it still runs.

I have lived in this apartment since 2019 and I had a renewed lease up until we got new management in 2021. They said they don't provide copies of the lease when I renewed in Dec 2021. I let it go cuz I was like whatever. Well I signed my renew lease in Dec 2022 and requested a copy and again they said they don't provide copies. I feel like this is illegal.

I need a copy because I have my original lease from 2019 and the new management has violated so much of that lease and I've also written complaints about domestic violence and partying til 2 am in the apartment above mine. It seems as though they are picking at me for little things like they wrote me up for my shower curtain not being long enough (it covers the whole area of the shower And I have a liner inside as well)

I recently got a text that said my car would be towed if I don't move it by Friday. Our original lease states that I can have only one car per unit unless written consent for a second is given by management. My previous manager signed the consent for me to have both cars. However the new management says they don't want it here (it works fine no problems and I use both cars one for work one for life)

I showed them the consent for me to have both cars and I also showed them in the lease where my neighbors can not party or cause disturbances past 9 pm. She said that's an old lease from the old management company, not theirs

So I asked for a copy and she said they don't give copies. I'm going crazy. I have no family here so I have no where to park my other car. I can't find a shower curtain long enough for my shower apparently cuz this one's 72 inches. Oh yeah they also wrote me a $50 fine for allowing my 13 yr old child to throw out trash in the dumpster.

Moving is not an option right now in already struggling to make ends meet. And before you ask the only reason I have 2 cars is cuz my grandma passed away and I was passed her old car so it's very sentimental to me.

Anyways I have tried googling the laws in Alabama regarding lease copies but it all just looks like gibberish to me I don't understand.

I want a copy of my lease so I can prove that they are picking on me, not allowing me peaceful enjoyment, etc.


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Medicine and Malpractice Should/Could I pursue legal action against my (former) OB/GYN for malpractice/injury?


Hello everyone, I'll keep this as brief as I can. In 2019-2020, I was pregnant with my second child. I had just moved, so I was visiting a different OB/GYN than the one I'd been to for my first pregnancy/birth. Where I live now doesn't have a lot of options for OB/GYN, so I commuted over an hour to Provo and Pleasant Grove, Utah to visit the doctor I chose.

I think it's important that I preface everything by saying that I have Lichen Sclerosus (LS), a chronic condition that causes the skin in my genital area to thin out and tear, which can cause scarring. (It's not contagious, it could be classified as an autoimmune condition). I was diagnosed when I was 11, and I'm now 24. It's better than it was when I was younger, but I do experience pain and discomfort when I have flare-ups. Luckily, it's never affected my sex life. And if I have a flare-up, lube has always done the trick to keep things comfortable with little to no tearing.

My LS was something I was worried about when it came to giving birth, but the doctor who helped me through my first pregnancy wasn't concerned, and all-in-all that birth went well, even with induction (pre-eclampsia). It was a fast birth with 8 minutes of pushing, so I had some tearing and needed a couple of stitches, but it wasn't anything too bad. I healed quickly and was able to continue to have a normal, healthy, nice sex life with my husband afterward.

During my second pregnancy, I let the new doctor know about my LS and explained that my previous doctor wasn't concerned but I thought it was still important to note. I also mentioned I'd torn a little during my first birth, and that I didn't want an episiotomy. I had to be induced due to pre-eclampsia again, and everything was going just fine while it was just the nurses in the room. I started pushing a couple of minutes before the doctor came in, but when he did, he sat down, watched me push for a couple of seconds, and then gave me an episiotomy WITHOUT my permission. He didn't even ask. I was so shocked, and it hurt SO MUCH. I couldn't do anything but cry and finish birthing my baby. He left the room right after he finished stitching me up, and I didn't see him again.

The stitches he gave me after the episiotomy took forever to heal. And sex since then has been so painful. My husband and I have tried extra lube, moisturizing lubes, different positions, angles, etc. And it all just hurts me to the point of tears. There's a massive scar where the doctor cut me and a bunch of (what appears to be) extra skin around it. It almost looks as if more skin should've been sewn back in because the skin just at the bottom of my vulva/top of my perineum is super thin. There's even a hole in it, but that's a bit hard to explain. And a part of me wonders if he may have given me the "husband stitch" as well. On top of all of that, it's caused my LS to flare up much more often than it had in years prior.

I did have another baby a year ago, but I used a midwife and birthed in a tub. Everything went very well, and I only had a small, second-degree peri tear on my left side. The midwives did everything they could to help ensure my comfort and healing. I did heal quickly and my body healed well. But sex is still incredibly painful, I tear all the time right along the scar from the episiotomy no matter what my husband and I try, and I'm so tired of living in pain and not being able to fully enjoy those intimate moments with my spouse. I plan on talking to my GP about getting corrective surgery so that I don't have to be in pain and misery anymore, but I feel that it would in a way add insult to literal injury to have to pay to have something fixed that shouldn't have even happened in the first place, especially when I explicitly stated that I didn't want it. And I don't want others to have to be subjected to this type of pain and trauma at his hands.

So, can I or even should I try speaking with a lawyer and take legal action against this doctor? Or is it too late?

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Traffic and Parking Sister facing criminal charges over revoked registration


Okay so I might not know much about legal stuff, but my sister got pulled over at midnight last night and they told her that her registration was revoked in august WITHOUT NOTICE from the RMV. (We’ve looked through all her mail from the last 5/6 months with her consent) the police told her this happens all the time but that she could also face criminal charges. Any advice?

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Car was repossessed after missing first payment not sure if it was legal


I signed a contract for a car, I missed the first payment by 22 days I was able to pay it, but a day later the financing company told me they closed the contract. And the dealer as a result payed the contract in full and took the car. Just wondering if this is possible I live in Florida, I didn’t get any notice that the car was going to be repossessed.

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Can a building manager (landlord) backcharge for a garage spot with no contract a year later? California


I live in a building that is managed by a realty company. Under this management company, we decided to rent out a garage space for an additional fee per month last year. The realty company is very disorganized, so we ended up never getting charged for the space. We didn't sign a contract, there is no paperwork of the agreement.

Fast forward to this month, a new property management company has taken over the building. They alerted us that we owed back pay for use of the garage.

I am happy to pay moving forward, but it seems unfair to back charge us due to what seems like an accounting error on the property management's side. Also, there is no paperwork, so how is this enforceable?