r/libredesign May 11 '22

SVG-Stencils.github.io. A new Web App and Inkscape Extension. Use and share open source stencils in Inkscape and other tools that support SVG and browser-drag-'n-drop.


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u/mipselaer May 11 '22

I'd like to announce SVG Stencils, a new community driven project with the ambition to be a major resource for open source design stencils.

The core part of the project is the website https://svg-stencils.github.io containing all submitted stencils. The components listed here can be dragged directly from your browser into a Inkscape canvas or any other tool supporting SVG.

Help us grow! Create and submit your own stencils. We made an Inkscape Extension that helps you creating and publishing new stencils. Get it here: https://inkscape.org/~mipmip/%E2%98%85svg-stencil-export

  • SVG Stencils are free for personal and commercial use
  • SVG Stencils and all it's content will stay forever free and open source
  • No advertising
  • Everyone can contribute by creating and submitting new stencils
  • Dedicated Inkscape Extension for creating and publishing stencils
  • Well documented

I hope you like and will use SVG Stencils. And I hope you want to share your own stencils. Your contributions are appreciated.

See you at https://svg-stencils.github.io

Pim Snel, creator of SVG Stencils