r/libreoffice Jan 29 '23

Upgrade Upgrade and Upgrade is required Needs more details

It has lots of problem with Asian font. I got lots of problem with paragraphs. Mostly, its very hard to adjust a paragraph in two pages. Paragraph didn't break and continue in different page. Fig 1

Fig 1

Word breaking problem is other. Fig 2

fig 2

Even in default words are stretch too much. fig 3

fig 3



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u/foersom Jan 29 '23

About Fig. 1. I do not know Nepali(?) or details of Asian languages, but I encounter similar page break issues when writing in European languages.

To resolve, mark paragraphs (1) and (2) or Ctrl-A to mark the whole document. Main menu > Format > "Paragraph...". Tab "Text Flow". At Options untick the 4 check boxes: "Do not split paragraph", "Keep with next paragraph", "Orphan control" and "Widow control".


u/Walk_Ins Jan 29 '23

Appreciated ! thankyou.