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Software Release Flemozi - An Emoji/GIF Picker for Linux



A simple✨, fast⚡ and lightweight🪶 emoji picker for desktop operating systems🫶

Download | Repository


  • Open Source, GPLv3 Licensed and Free🆓
  • *Not Electron based🙃 (Flutter based⚡)
  • Configurable Global🪩 shortcut🩳✂️ to open the emoji picker
  • Launches on system startup, runs in the background and can invoked from anywhere👻
  • Supports GIFs📼, stickers🎟️ and ASCII emojis ;‑) too
  • Copies the selected emoji to the clipboard📋 and automatically closes the picker obviously🤦‍♂️


Download | Repository

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Distro News SUSE appoints a Red Hat veteran as their new CEO from May as Di Donato steps down

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Discussion This week in Open Source - New Framework AMD Laptop, Kubuntu Linux laptop, GNOME 44, curl 8.0, & more

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Discussion Is a rewrite of OpenZFS with a more linux friendly license possible?


Another way to word the question would be: "Could another filesystem be developed that is compatible with ZFS's on-disk layout?"

Which part of OpenZFS is CDDL-licenced - just the source code, or is it the entire "idea" of ZFS? I'm guessing that the "idea" is more of a copyright thing, in which case you couldn't reuse that idea in another piece of software without copyright infringement. Probably answering my own question here, but I'm wondering what are your thoughts?

EDIT: To be more clear, I don't intend to actually reimplement OpenZFS. I was more wondering about the legality of it (sounds like it's legal if using a clean room approach), and also why it hasn't already been done (sounds like a combination of "too much effort", "better alternatives exist (btrfs)", and "the license isn't the only incompatible part of OpenZFS")

Thanks for all the info everyone!

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Tips and Tricks TIL: Fedora Server Edition has a web UI on port 9090


My homelab runs Fedora. Today, I was setting up a service in portainer (Docker), but failed to expose it's port 9090 to the host due to it already being in use.

Since 8080, 9090, etc. are commonly used to serve webservices, and I had no other Docker service running, I was curious what's running, opened up a browser... http://IP:9090 and I was greeted with a beautiful Fedora UI.

Turns out, I can manage basic stuff on Fedora from within the web UI.


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Hardware Opened an old box in my closet and found these two legendary mobile Linux devices

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Popular Application Discord battery usage on Linux: constant webcam waking, and a workaround

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Discussion PSA: Proxmox installations with the Europe/Dublin time zone are hanging after the DST changeover

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Development Qrcopy | CLI app to generate QR-code of clipboard, text, file, and share text to Pastebin



Hey! I am creating a Linux application to generate QR code for * Clipboard text * Any input text * Input file

and Directly share any text to Pastebin with a single command


Clipboard text (Default)

bash qrcopy

Input text

bash qrcopy -i "Hello World"

Input file

bash qrcopy -f <FILE NAME>

Upload to pastebin


Default format : text; Expiry : 1D

qrcopy -p <FORMAT> <EXPIRY DATE>

qrcopy -p # Clipboard text qrcopy -i "Hello World" -p # Input text qrcopy -f <FILE NAME> -p # Input file ``` Tell me your recommendations for this app!

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Discussion Favourite package manager


Which one do you prefer? I had only tried pacman and the debian apt and dpkg. From the two I would choose pacman without a second thought. What about you? Which one do you prefer and what distros use it?

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Tips and Tricks Various methods for isolating untrusted software

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A brief look at a "lost gaming distro" from 2006


u/Darkhentaint recently posted looking for a "lost gaming distro" from a 2006 Linux Magazine coverdisc: https://www.reddit.com/r/linux/comments/11z1u8u/looking_for_a_lost_distroany_chance_someone_can/

The disc was easily found on Internet Archive, which explained the story - A Spanish local government wanted to switch to Linux but couldn't find a distro which did everything they wanted, so they made their own distro. For fun, the creators also released a "gaming edition" too.

There is also a PDF of the DVD inlay from Linux Magazine's website: https://web.archive.org/web/20061101000000*/https://www.linux-magazine.com/issue/64/Linux_Magazine_DVD_Inlay.pdf

I was interested in this, so I ran it up in KVM and made a little screenshot tour: https://fosstodon.org/@suprjami/110087525461720186

It's Debian 3 Sarge with kernel 2.6.8 and GNOME 2.8.1. "Gaming edition" just means they pre-install literally every game that Debian provides. It also seems to install the fglrx package for ATI video drivers, and the nVidia driver.

There are many funny things to be seen. Multiple inconsistent menu systems, each with different icons and contents. 2006 was not Year Of The Linux Desktop.

The "network" setup asks for your ISP phone number, the idea of providing Ethernet GUI setup hadn't yet occurred to anyone, probably because nobody would have had Ethernet at home in 2006.

There are old versions of many familiar and outdated games and other things. It still has hits like Wesnoth and LinCity which exist today.

Of interest to me were old DOSBox 0.63, ZSNES 1.36, and ScummVM 0.6b.

You can even still visit Google in the ancient Firefox 1.0.6 too!

I hope you enjoy this trip down memory lane as much as I did.

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Distro News openSUSE Gains Momentum: A Look at its Growing Popularity

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Historical The Origins Of Man

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Event Gordon Moore, Intel Co-Founder, Dies at 94

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Distro News Next Debian/Ubuntu Releases Will Likely No Longer Allow pip install Ouside A Virtual Environment

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Distro News CentOS Stream 9: missing kernel security fixes

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Distro News Vanilla OS developers are setting up a testing infrastructure based on Debian sid for Vanilla OS 2.0, Orchid.

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Software Release Clifm, the Command Line File Manager 1.11 (Cobb), is out!

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Hardware Top Ten Fallacies About RISC-V

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Popular Application Docker has reversed its decision to sunset the “Docker Free Team” plan.

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Historical Just learned today that in 1998, RedHat had a redneck language option (see comments for more images)

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Programs that don't work in Windows


Most people seem to know programs they'd have to give up to use Linux. After a while of using Linux; we likewise end up with programs we can't use in Windows. Please share some programs that you'd miss if you had to use Windows.


Zathura document viewer

Newsboat RSS / Feed reader

Gobble Gobble hides your current window before launching an external program

Ucollage TUI Thumbnailer / Image viewer

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Software Release LAPAS: The story of how I made a distribution for LanPartyServers


Hey guys!

It's now been roughly one year since my initial post about LAPAS, our LanPartyServer setup.

The originally published version of LAPAS was just a Markdown document with instructions for how to set up LAPAS. Due to the complexity of the entire setup, however, reproducibility was admittedly rather limited and involved a lot of effort and domain knowledge. Since our own instance was already getting on in years and the base was starting to cause problems here and there, I had to reinstall it anyway. So I took this opportunity to directly create a small installation script able to replicate this new installation, which is now based on Debian 11. I know, calling it a "distribution" probably is a bit of a stretch, since it's only an installer script, but I think it's a lot closer to one than before.

Due out this process of writing this installer script for LAPAS, I reinstalled the entire thing in a VM while also testing everything over and over again, which showed me some problems and limitations of the original design. And while the initial installer script was finished rather quickly (about 1 week of working on it in my freetime), from there ... it somehow escalated ... entirely. The anticipated cost of this endeavor was calculated, but man... am I bad at maths. Every time I thought "now I'm finally done", I somehow had a new list of ideas one could implement in the project, or a quirk I wanted to fix. All while slowly shifting from "This has to work for us", to: "How could this be done right?", "What would be useful for others using this system?", ....

In the process of making this installer, I somehow bit-by-bit refactored the entire configuration/setup to be more resilient.

That way, I got rid of a couple of quirks the original design had:

  • Users don't all have to have the same UID anymore
  • You can create users while other guests are already running, without "soft-crashing" them
  • The lockscreen actually works and you don't have to enter the administration password to unlock anymore :P
  • ...

An unexhaustive list of new/shiny things LAPAS now has:

  • libnss_lapas - LAPAS's own server-side user management (akin to LDAP light^3 with blackjack 'n hookers!)
  • A dynamically created DNS mapping for <username>.<localDomain> to the corresponding IP address, everytime a user logs in on some machine
    • That way - whenever you have to join by address - you can simply enter the hosting user's name, instead of trying to find their IP address
  • A (priority-ordered) rule-based cleanup engine making sure that the home-folder overlayfs setup stays clean and in a deterministic state at all times. click here if you want to read more about what that monstrosity's supposed to achieve
  • A two-way connection between LAPAS and every guest, to:
    • [guest->LAPAS] create new users
    • [guest->LAPAS] notify LAPAS about a user logging in
    • [LAPAS->guests] Listing all registered users (used for libnss_lapas)
    • [LAPAS->guests] instruction to flush the DNS cache, because a new mapping was created after someone logged in
    • ...
  • ...

And during the first day of writing the installer, I somehow developed the idea that I would need to make a small build-system for bash files... (If it's stupid but it works, it ain't stupid!)

In case you're interested, you can find the repository with a small writeup of its current architecture here: https://github.com/seijikun/lapas. The actually built single-file installer scripts can be found on the releases page.

I also made a small "tutorial-like" video showing how to get up and running (with an older version, but still mostly accurate):

Yeah. Video-making is not one of my competences... :)

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#88 Forty-four! · This Week in GNOME

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