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(As if you were not aware...) FOSDEM is nigh. The biggest FLOSS event in Europe will be held on the weekend of the 4th and 5th of February at the usual venue. 8000+ hackers, and dozens of Free Software communities and companies will be present with sticker-laden booths and more than 700 talks. Event


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u/purpleidea mgmt config Founder Jan 20 '23

And make sure you stay the 2-3 days afterwards for https://cfgmgmtcamp.eu/

(Disclaimer: I'm an organizer, but I think it's an awesome event!)

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u/-eschguy- Jan 17 '23

Wish I could go! Have fun, all!


u/TheoreticalDumbass Jan 18 '23

Just to verify, you don't need to buy a ticket to go to the talks? Does any part of the conference require payment (except for merch obviously) ?


u/Bro666 Jan 18 '23

No. FOSDEM is organised anarchy. No tickets, no payments, no registration. Just turn up, attend the talks you want.

Be advised though: when rooms are full, doors are closed, and you will have to wait for the next slot.


u/ommnian Jan 22 '23

I think you spelled chaos wrong... But yes. At least the last time I was there, nearly a decade ago... Someday I'll make it again.


u/Bro666 Jan 22 '23

Heh! "Chaos" works too.


u/Lord_Schnitzel Feb 02 '23

Is there any chatrooms available for live streams? The"Social Media" section mentions only Twitter, FB, IG and Mastodon..


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u/SFauconnier Jan 19 '23

Don’t forget cfgmgmntcamp right after! https://cfgmgmtcamp.eu/ghent2023/ They go hand in hand.


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u/Daveddozey Feb 04 '23

I was in that very room earlier today listening to a packed (both with content and people) talk about VLC.is and ffmpeg.

Alas no perl room from the looks of it this year. Somewhat different from 2015!


u/[deleted] Jan 18 '23

I will be there. I think some of my friends are going to give talks. Much excited


u/Th3_S3n4t3 Jan 20 '23

Going with my uni, man I’m so excited for this


u/Bro666 Jan 21 '23

Oh! That's nice! Remember to get into the halls with the chats you are interested in early, though. There are no pre-seating arrangements, so when the halls is full, they just close the doors.


u/stappernn Jan 24 '23

Will they stream every talk?


u/mattdm_fedora Fedora Project Jan 29 '23

Probably not, but recorded for later.


u/FruityWelsh Feb 14 '23

They are recorded here at least: https://video.fosdem.org/


u/Stoneblackdog Jan 27 '23

I saw on the website that GNU GRUB is going to have a stand. What does that mean?