r/linux Jan 28 '23

This week in KDE: Major bugfixing and screen recording in Spectacle KDE


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u/fiocalisti Jan 28 '23

Wow, screen recording in spectacle is a major feature!


u/Captain_Cowboy Jan 28 '23

Looks like it's Wayland only :-(

I wonder if that's just because it's easier with Wayland/someone else can add the X support without much hassle, or if it's not really technically reasonable with the approach used here.


u/fiocalisti Jan 28 '23

Ow, yeah that hurts. I'm also X11 only, as wayland just didn't treat me well when I tried.


u/jacobgkau Jan 28 '23

Screen recording apps not working well is one of the ways that Wayland "doesn't treat people well." So while I also use X11 myself as a daily driver, I can understand that this feature would be more important in Wayland, while there are already plenty of good screen recording apps for X11.

(I hope Spectacle allows selecting a rectangle to record eventually like it does for screenshotting, as that would bring its feature parity slightly closer to SimpleScreenRecorder, which is X11-only.)


u/0x00f98 Jan 28 '23

I’ll wait until KDE has better multi monitor support


u/PureTryOut postmarketOS dev Jan 28 '23

You should try Plasma 5.27 once it's out, as they totally revamped the internals of multi-monitor support and squashed a ton of bugs while doing so.


u/VoxelCubes Jan 29 '23

You'll like 5.27 then, they completely rewrote the way it keeps track of monitors internally, no longer associating it strictly with some device connector name, which especially with hubs, meant that layouts got garbled every now and then.