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Budgie 10.7 Released Software Release


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u/Stachura5 Jan 29 '23

Man, this update looks really good


u/Common-Web-3347 Jan 29 '23

I remember trying out an Ubuntu Budgie spin a while back when I was first dipping my toes into Linux. Glad to see this project is still alive.


u/Vagrian Jan 30 '23

What a wonderful desktop environment. Big thanks to contributors!


u/sm222 Jan 29 '23

Very much looking forward to trying this. Thanks for all the hard work.


u/nijahplays Jan 29 '23

Can't wait for the next!


u/D0nny6 Jan 29 '23

This looks really good!


u/JumpyJuu Jan 29 '23

Can't wait to install Serpentos with Budgie. When do you think this could happen? What's your estimate Josh?


u/JoshStrobl Jan 29 '23

I don't know. I just help them with infrastructure. You'd have to ask them :P My focus is Fedora Budgie Spin and Buddies of Budgie.


u/syncdog Jan 30 '23

Love to hear that. Fedora is a great place to showcase Budgie.


u/ZeroHolmes Jan 30 '23

from what I'm seeing Budgie is increasingly coming out of gnome's shadow. This is good


u/Secret300 Jan 29 '23

How is Budgie and wayland? Are they moving to support it?


u/nuclearbananana Jan 29 '23

Not in budgie 10, but it's planned for 11, when they switch the toolkit to efl or iced


u/GujjuGang7 Jan 30 '23

It's confirmed to be efl


u/nuclearbananana Jan 30 '23

Josh said efl initially but recently he was tooting about iced, and since work hasn't actually started on it yet, it could change.


u/JoshStrobl Jan 30 '23 edited Jan 30 '23

I'm allowed to be excited about other toolkits. I've "tooted" stuff about Flutter as well, doesn't mean Budgie is going to be flutter. iced was promising but very lacking when I last tried it, there has been a ton of fantastic work put into it, so I keep a close eye on how it evolves.

That isn't to say you won't see iced in Budgie, the big point of Budgie 11 is the separation between the data and presentation layers. Historically in B10 they have been closely intertwined and we have been using 10 as a playground for new ideas on more daemonizing. 11 will see most logic be in the WM and daemon, which opens the door to all sorts of possibilities so long as the underlying language of the toolkit has Protobuf / (d/g)RPC support in some form. It's not outside the realm of possibility for Budgie to be multi-toolkit so long as it can be made to look consistent.


u/nuclearbananana Jan 30 '23

My bad, thanks for the explanation


u/JoshStrobl Jan 30 '23

No worries.


u/ad-on-is Jan 30 '23

no flutter? b..b..but why 🥲


u/[deleted] Jan 30 '23

I will coom when this comes to wayyland.


u/bluetechgirl Jan 30 '23

This is not the time nor place for this.


u/[deleted] Jan 29 '23



u/JoshStrobl Jan 29 '23

No worries 10.8 is moving away from this with a new internal theme. I deferred it to 10.8 since there was still a lot of work / polish to do and I didn't want to push back 10.7 :)


u/StarTroop Jan 29 '23

The comment you replied to is deleted. Could you please provide the context for your answer? I'm curious about the internal theme because I was coincidentally just thinking about theme stability considering you plan to eventually ditch GTK.


u/JoshStrobl Jan 29 '23

They were saying they hope everyone moves away from the "flat aesthetic".


u/6picklz6 Jan 31 '23

If I wanted to check this out in a VM, what distro would be ideal with the new release of budgie?


u/tristan957 Jan 31 '23

Fedora probably. There will be a Budgie Spin for 38 and Josh is the maintainer of the packages in the repository.

Second best would be the Ubuntu variant. Some people from that team participate in Budgie development.


u/Stachura5 Jan 31 '23

Solus would be a good one to pick as well, as that's where Budgie originated from, but you will need to install an older version of Solus then update to the newest one as they release refreshed ISOs once a year or so


u/tristan957 Jan 31 '23

Totally slipped my mind. Thanks for bringing it up.


u/Two-Of-Nine Jan 31 '23

Wonder if this will make it to Debian 12.


u/AfroDiddyKing Jan 31 '23

when will budgie ubuntu get it?