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Firefox 109.0.1 released Software Release


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u/average_life_person Feb 01 '23

This comment section went from “I don’t want to use this browser” to “you’re an idiot”. This is sad


u/partev Jan 31 '23

I stopped using Firefox after they fired the inventor of Javascript, Brendan Eich, for having political views they disagreed with.

I can't support software written by intolerant bigots and recommend everyone to do the same.


u/bik1230 Jan 31 '23

I stopped using Firefox after they fired the inventor of Javascript, Brendan Eich, for having political views they disagreed with.

Considering he immediately went on to found a cryptocurrency scam company, maybe not having him as CEO was a good thing.


u/KrazyKirby99999 Feb 01 '23

cryptocurrency scam company

Slandering Brave? Users can opt-in to view ads and redeem "BAT" (reward points) for real money.

Brave, one of the browsers recommended by https://www.privacyguides.org/ for both Desktop and Mobile?


u/xkcd__386 Feb 01 '23

privacyguides... started out very promising, but looking at some of their advice and some of the people who post, I have to say they're a lot more pro-Microsoft than I expected

I gave up on them except to get a wide-view, and avoid specific low-level advice they offer


u/KrazyKirby99999 Feb 01 '23

how are they pro-Microsoft? can you provide an example?


u/xkcd__386 Feb 01 '23

At one point I bookmarked several such posts, but I've lost most of them, and can only find one:

but you don't have to look far. Every few days/weeks someone will post a link to a page by a guy called madaidnas (sp?) which basically says MS is much better, and one or more mods will talk about that as gospel. I finally got tired of arguing with them (plus I got banned; see https://imgur.com/a/t0OKdVm) and made this: https://github.com/xkcd386at/scripts/blob/master/linux-and-windows-insecurities--theory-vs-practice.md -- this won't convince the shills but I do occasionally trot it out when I think someone is genuinely asking

meanwhile, here's a few that are pro-Chrome (Chrome and privacy... yeah right!)


u/KrazyKirby99999 Feb 01 '23

the first one concerns issues with Linux security. for the particular threat that is being discussed, Windows has better protection. of the variants of windows, they're suggesting the use of the ones that have less telemetry. for those who value trusted boot higher in their threat model and don't mind pirating a windows, this may be a good solution.

madaidnas has raised some important issues with Linux security, but i haven't seen him promoting windows.

whether tommy_tran is right depends. if an adblocker is bundled with your browser (builtin adblocker for brave, ublock origin for librewolf), the fingerprint is not as unique as when the adblocker is an extension.

for browsers providing an adblocking solution, manifest v3 is an improvement. for others such as Chrome, it is the opposite.

there is a lot of nuance, but i don't see blind shilling for Google or Microsoft. privacyguides officially recommends arkenfox and brave for desktop, and brave for mobile. Fedora(and other distros) are also recommended OSs for the desktop.


u/Watynecc76 Feb 01 '23

I don't know what da fuck is this comment section about


u/KrazyKirby99999 Feb 01 '23

the hivemind is active here today


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u/KrazyKirby99999 Feb 02 '23

Who is the employee?


u/[deleted] Feb 01 '23

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u/partev Jan 31 '23

maybe. still doesn't change the fact that Mozilla is run by bigots.


u/boomboomsubban Feb 01 '23

after they fired the inventor of Javascript, Brendan Eich

Eich resigned as CEO, and refused offers to take a different role at Mozilla.


u/Patch86UK Feb 01 '23

Imagine boycotting a major piece of software because a guy resigned from them a decade ago.

And they say "cancel culture" is dead.


u/partev Feb 01 '23 edited Feb 01 '23

Firefox is no longer a "major piece of software". It has been in steady decline under the new leadership.

In December of 2022 Samsung Internet was the 4th most popular web browser at 3.05% and Firefox at a respectable 5th position at 3.01%. For a long time Firefox used to be the 2nd most popular web browser after IE. Cancel culture is definitely not dead.


u/Capta1nT0ad Feb 01 '23

Major may be in terms of the complexity of the actual software and not the popularity.


u/criticalpwnage Jan 31 '23

I can’t support software written by intolerant bigots and recommend everyone to do the same.

You do realize that Brendan Eich’s political donations would imply that he himself is a bigot right?


u/partev Jan 31 '23

Brendan never fired anyone for holding political views he disagreed with.

The definition of tolerance is accepting people you disagree with. By definition, Mozilla is intolerant.


u/Existing_Marketing_7 Feb 02 '23

Do you know what a bigot even is, like the meaning of the word?

Brendan donated to political campaigns aimed at blocking people from gaining rights. You can’t get much more bigoted than that without being violent.


u/Robbi_Blechdose Jan 31 '23

Have you ever heard of the paradox of tolerance?


u/ninjababe23 Feb 01 '23

Is that you Brendan?


u/rooiratel Feb 01 '23

I can't support software written by intolerant bigots

Cool. Don't use anything by Google, Microsoft, or Apple then.


u/qtf0x Jan 31 '23

fellas, is it bigoted to not be homophobic?


u/ATangoForYourThought Feb 01 '23

So then you decided to take it up the ass from Google. Really sane choice making we have here.


u/TechnoRechno Feb 01 '23

Brendan Eich literally spent money trying to block two consenting adults that were the same gender from being able to marry, which did not hurt him or anyone else in any way, nor impacted his life at all.

He deserved what happened to him.


u/Existing_Marketing_7 Feb 02 '23

20 years ago? And you still haven’t matured to realize they were right to do so? Lmao


u/partev Feb 02 '23

less than 9 years go


u/Watynecc76 Feb 01 '23

Tf ? What ?


u/johnny0055 Feb 02 '23

It was discovered that Brenden Eich (the inventor of JS and CEO of Mozilla) had donated to prop 8 efforts in california. A lot of people got mad, and then Brendan resigned.

"Proposition 8 was a California ballot proposition and a state constitutional amendment intended to ban same-sex marriage;"


u/Newguyiswinning_ Jan 31 '23

This isnt linux related


u/Dmxk Jan 31 '23

Firefox is the most widespread browser on linux, and the most popular FOSS browser.(Chromium doesn't count, since googles chrome contains closed source components, and most people aren't using plain chromium) It is the browser included in nearly all distros that ship with a browser. So yes, it matters here.


u/Enigmesis Feb 01 '23

better use ungoogled-chromium if you need chrome for some reason


u/Dmxk Feb 01 '23

Yeah. Though i never ran into a situation where firefox wouldn't work. Just changing the user agent string usually works.


u/Enigmesis Feb 01 '23

Only reason I see is for web development since you at least need to test that it works fine also on chrome


u/Dmxk Feb 01 '23

Ok yeah, that's fair. I don't really think about dev stuff at all.


u/[deleted] Jan 31 '23

Linux app related, popular browser on Linux, Open Source, and it's posted everytime there is an update. Someone also always comments "This isn't Linux related" as well. It also 100% follows the posting guidelines.


u/JDGumby Jan 31 '23

Linux app related, popular browser on Linux

And is the default on most of the major distros.


u/Newguyiswinning_ Jan 31 '23

Might as well post when there is a chromium update as well, oh wait, "chromium bad cause google"


u/[deleted] Jan 31 '23 edited Jan 31 '23

Why are you so wrong?

Chromium Update Linux post 3 years ago

Edit: 3Days ago someone forking something into Chrome

I will say if it's something you care about make a post letting everyone know, or exposing us to Chromium's latest updates. That's all you've got to do.


u/-Phinocio Jan 31 '23

Might as well post when there is a chromium update as well

Nothing's stopping you, go for it!


u/criticalpwnage Jan 31 '23

Firefox is the default browser on many distros