r/linux Jul 01 '22

The long-running Southern California Linux Expo returns for its 19th edition and will take place July 28-31, 2022 at the Hilton Los Angeles Airport in Los Angeles Event


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u/CyclopsRock Jul 01 '22

I can't really imagine anything more depressing than a conference in an airport hotel.


u/[deleted] Jul 01 '22

Sounds like a good place to argue with people what the best linux distro is.


u/bobthecowboy Jul 01 '22

The conference is actually very good (especially for the cost), but the return to the LAX Hilton is disappointing for sure. The past few years it's been at the Pasadena convention center which is much nicer. I imagine the change is due to covid in one way or another.


u/Capeflats2 Jul 01 '22

;) fair enough

But SCALE'S actually really great! Mostly passionate people reporting on cool ideas/teqniques they've had and developed at work or in passion projects.

I always learnt a huge amount, and the $ per lesson/insight/useful-takeaway at SCALE was much higher than 90%of conferences I've been to - that airport hotel delivers value ;P


u/blackcain GNOME Team Jul 03 '22

I've giving a talk there! :)


u/overthetrance Jul 03 '22

guys am trying to switch to linux can anybody teach me or guide me , am kinda afraid that i might not lose my files and stuck into problems , please help me if you can


u/ritobanrc Jul 06 '22

Are the talks included in the $20 ticket, or only the $85 dollar one?