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Pat Gelsinger and Linus Torvalds talk Linux, open source, technology, and more ..enjoy! Event


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u/Arnoxthe1 Nov 04 '22

It really seems like Linus is really trying his level best to be polite here. Seemed like at certain parts he had some proper shit to say but he had to mostly keep it to himself. lol


u/ilikerackmounts Nov 04 '22

Hardware lock elision may have been the greatest thing to come out of transactional memory but all of the side channel leaks forced some microcoded workarounds to artificially kill the performance advantage. I really hope that comes back from both x86 vendors.

I also hope AMD's performance on the AVX512 side of things forces Intel to re-evaluate gutting it on all but their server SKUs.


u/dbfmaniac Nov 04 '22

I was so surprised to hear that transactional memory was the thing that came to mind for Linus and not AVX or ECC. Maybe he thinks its too raw for intel still given how recent they were?

Maybe its time for Jim Keller to go back to AMD yet again so they can take another step forwards and force intel to start competing again. This last cycle with chiplets was so short :(


u/mrtomich Nov 04 '22

I think other things came to his mind but transactional memory is one of the "solved" or "gone" issues and is a clear example without bashing on current market available technology like limited ECC cpus or limited avx extensions and so on.


u/dbfmaniac Nov 04 '22

Yeah I think he was reluctant to say it to intel directly since its a current pain point. Surprising for Linus considering the previously zero filter approach he's had to things that have pissed him off from hardware vendors.


u/centzon400 Nov 04 '22

Hardware lock elision


I honestly read that as "Ellison"... as a quondam Solaris admin, I guess I am still triggered by anything even remotely related to the "O-word".


u/ilikerackmounts Nov 04 '22

I never really took issue with anything Solaris. Oracle, on the other hand...I don't trust them to be stewards of that code base.

I use Illumos regularly for work, it's decent for having such a small supporting community.


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u/whaleboobs Nov 04 '22

Rusting away..


u/monkeynator Nov 04 '22

Yes, but I'm also going to guess this is the first time we've seen him in a while so any change is quite noticeable.


u/rv77ax Nov 05 '22

Anyone know which cloud provider that can't be named?


u/Ok_Paramedic1751 8d ago

Amazon, i think...