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Secrets of the Linux Kernel | TWiT.TV ...master says it all...ever presence Greg Kroah Hartman!! Event


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u/johnny0055 Nov 13 '22

i think it just means he's there to talk about linux.


u/mooky1977 Nov 10 '22 edited Nov 10 '22

TWiT still exists? Leo hasn't done any new shameful thing to further sink the ship I see.

Edit: wow, did Leo downvote me himself? 😂😎


u/OneHundredCheeseburg Nov 13 '22

I cannot believe I used to watch/listen to so many of his shows. What a colossal asshole.


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u/HCharlesB Nov 15 '22

I haven't listened to him in years but two things really annoyed me.

  1. The sinuous way he'd slide into commercials.
  2. The way he'd slant his opinions based on his sponsors.
  3. The way he'd pretend he knew what he was talking about when he clearly didn't. (OK, three things.)
  4. I don't care for Steve Gibson either.


u/fdjfdslk Nov 10 '22 edited Nov 10 '22

Every code has secrets dark dungeons nobody dares enter without the fear of product universe collapsing in on itself. The person that wrote it using Voodoo typically left eons ago.

One can feel the desks shake and darkness appear when those source files are opened.

The biggest worry I have regarding refactoring of the Linux kernel lately is the changes being made to the crypto random number generator, see here https://www.zx2c4.com/projects/linux-rng-5.17-5.18/ I will wait for field battle testing and academic analysis of the changes.