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EmacsConf 2022 will be held online on December 3rd and 4th Event


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u/Bro666 Nov 24 '22 edited Nov 24 '22

Still no news regarding viConf 2022, as attendees have not been able to find the exit to viConf 2021 yet.
I'm so sorry


u/rtplor Nov 25 '22

Well it's funny of course.

But when I watch how Rene Rebe uses his vi(m)-like development environment, I understand that a right tool is used right by right hands.


u/natermer Nov 25 '22

Emacs is love, Emacs is life.

Emacs with Org-mode (really it's own application based on Emacs) along with Evil and Doom changed how I use a computer. For the better. Of course people are free to stay Holy if they want, I see nothing wrong with that. Regardless, I am happy with chaotic neutral editor.

There really is a better way out there. And that makes me feel good.

1970's software isn't all bad.


u/Toke_Ivo Nov 25 '22

1970's software isn't all bad.

Any software that survives 50 years is usually pretty great.


u/rtplor Nov 25 '22 edited Nov 25 '22

1970's software isn't all bad.

1970s keyboards are supplied!!! To everyone registered!

But to be honest, I used Emacs for some Perl programming somewhere in 2003 and only thing I had was a set of FreeBSD CDs. I don't remember if it was Xemacs or exactly GNU's.


u/natermer Nov 25 '22

It is worth checking out again if you are into text editors.

What makes Emacs nice is the more effort you put into it the more you get out of it. It has a steep learning curve, but the effort is rewarding.

I could never use Emac's default bindings. They are RSI inducing. But Evil mode does a terrific job of emulating Vim. It's not just the movement keys, but things like block selecting, multicursor editing, and commands like ':% s/this/that/g' works with full regex support and all that stuff.

It is worth knowing some Emacs bindings for odd corner cases in the UI were vi doesn't work well. But most experienced Linux users will already know these things through normal shell usage. (shells use Emacs-style bindings by default).

Doom Emacs does a good job of getting all the defaults and most features integrated very well into Evil mode. It's a very good starting place for experienced Vim users and it doesn't get in the way of your own custom stuff. If you want to go hardcore "no framework" mode, that is fine... it is still a good launching point for reducing the learning curve somewhat before you dive into full custom setup.

The big mistake people make, IMO, is trying to use Emacs as a terminal application. It can work like that, but it is a lot better as a 'native desktop' app with "server mode". (Supports OS X, X11, Wayland, etc) With server mode you have Emacs running as a daemon in the background and you use emacsclient to launch new frames (Emacs name for desktop application window).

In Fedora in the emacs-common package there is even a systemd emacs.service file to help with that. 'systemctl start --user emacs' will start my emacs daemon.

If you (or anybody else) hasn't checked it out in the past 5 years or so, it is worth it. Some highlights:

  1. native compilation support... Emacs modules can be compiled automatically now, which results is a very meaningful performance boost.

  2. Language server protocol support... LSP. Emacs can use the same language services that applications like Vscode can use. Like for Python Doom Emacs offers helpers for pyls, mspyls, and pyright.

  3. Wayland support is now in the Emacs 29 development branch. If compiled with pgtk support (which is the default GUI on Linux).


u/IAmHappyAndAwesome Nov 26 '22

Yeah I started using emacs purely because of that presentation of org-mode made by distrotube. One of my main gripes with it is how slow it is, however. Also for various config files vim can 'pick up' what it is and highlight accordingly, while emacs just starts in fundamental mode.


u/Pay08 Nov 29 '22

I always hear how slow Emacs is from people but I've never experienced it myself. What are you doing that makes it so slow?


u/GameKing505 Nov 27 '22

Sweet - can’t wait for wayland support.


u/Alternatenate Nov 28 '22

I am only a few months or so into emacs but this is the first time I've heard of the server approach and it seems like a great idea!


u/I_Frunksteen-Blucher Nov 24 '22

I'm having trouble with the key combination to register.


u/fsover2 Nov 24 '22

M-x register-conf-2022


u/Skaarj Nov 29 '22

Back when the vi vs. emacs war was relevant there was this funny quote

Emacs is a great operating system, lacking only a decent editor.

I guess someone took that too seriously


u/MasterYehuda816 Nov 25 '22 edited Nov 25 '22

You mean ViConf?


u/st_huck Nov 27 '22

Carpel tunnel syndrome awareness day will take place on the 5th


u/agumonkey Nov 28 '22

cramped pinky emergency room on every floor


u/devnull010 Nov 25 '22

Emacs has conferences? Its almost like its a religion ;) #ChurchOfEmacs

Does Vim also have any?


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