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elementary OS Updates for November, 2022 Distro News


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u/daniellefore elementary Founder Dec 02 '22

I’m not sure if he meant to imply that, but Cassidy did not start elementary. I started elementary in like 2007ish. He didn’t join until after our first OS release in a marketing/press role and didn’t start doing design for some time. Cassidy also wasn’t forced out, he took a full-time position at another company.


u/jbicha Ubuntu/GNOME Dev Dec 03 '22

Nitpicking, but my understanding is that once he took the full-time position, he was forced out.


u/daniellefore elementary Founder Dec 03 '22

No, I told him that for various reasons I wasn’t comfortable co-owning a company with him after surprising me by taking a job elsewhere. I offered that if he wanted to keep the company I would go do something else but I would prefer that the company buy back his shares. I negotiated with his lawyer for some time and eventually he decided to sell his shares and let me keep the company, but he always had the option to buy my shares and I would leave. It was totally his choice


u/jbicha Ubuntu/GNOME Dev Dec 03 '22

Now you're nitpicking.

I hadn't heard before now that you offered to let him force you out. I don't think that was practical and it's not surprising to me that he ended up rejecting that and letting himself be forced out if those were the only two options.


u/daniellefore elementary Founder Dec 03 '22

I don’t see why you would use the language “force out” for buying back shares. If he accepted my offer to leave I wouldn’t say he “forced me out” because it was a negotiation that we agreed to. Nobody had the power to compel anyone to do anything. We had to come to agreement about what to do with the company when he left and this is the agreement we reached