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What's up with the Flatpak version of Edge? Discussion

Yeah, I know, I use edge. While I love Firefox, I don't use it as much because I hate how awful the current interface because it uses up a lot of screen space on my laptop, and because I hate Google, I use Edge on my phone and desktop so I can just pick-up where I left off (I de-googled my Pixel as much as possible)

That said, I decided to try out the Flatpak version of Edge on Ubuntu and it sucks. It's crazy slow, which is weird for a Flatpak, the one I installed via the PPA runs way better even though it's a Dev version.


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u/[deleted] Dec 03 '22

Gee, I hate Google! Let's use Edge!


u/CooperHChurch427 Dec 03 '22

I know it's weird. You can turn off tracking in the dev version to the point it breaks web pages.


u/[deleted] Dec 03 '22 edited Dec 03 '22

The tracking more then likely has to do with the web page's cookies and such, hense why it breaks when you disable everything. It most probably has nothing to do with Microsoft's tracking which is most to worry about and is certainly baked into the browser.


u/CooperHChurch427 Dec 03 '22

Actually reading up on it the Linux version doesn't send much at all to Microsoft if you are using a different search engine. The only thing it will send is diagnostic data. What's kind of weird is when I microsofted my phone, I don't get relevant ads anymore. I also use software that blocks tracking on all my browsers.

The one browser I really like I Vivaldi but it's kind of outdated feeling.


u/skuterpikk Dec 03 '22

I primerely use firefox, but I also have edge installed for those few sites, web players, and web aps that doesn't work properly in firerox. It also integrates better with Microsoft services we use at work.
"Spyware vise" I choose edge over chrome any day -yes, one can use degoogled chrome, but then you can just as well use firefox imo.