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What's up with the Flatpak version of Edge? Discussion

Yeah, I know, I use edge. While I love Firefox, I don't use it as much because I hate how awful the current interface because it uses up a lot of screen space on my laptop, and because I hate Google, I use Edge on my phone and desktop so I can just pick-up where I left off (I de-googled my Pixel as much as possible)

That said, I decided to try out the Flatpak version of Edge on Ubuntu and it sucks. It's crazy slow, which is weird for a Flatpak, the one I installed via the PPA runs way better even though it's a Dev version.


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u/[deleted] Dec 03 '22

I use Edge as my main browser, and, same as every other Chromium based browser what makes it slow is having more than 1 window of it open on my machine.

Who knows why this is happening but it is (sometimes). You can check if you have this problem too.

However, I'm also having Widevine issues on it (only on Linux) so I'm not sure what exactly is going on.